140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine SM, DH, RW, KH, & Henry Interview [Translation]

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Mr. Positive Donghae

What are you fixed onto these days?
(taking) Pictures and English.

How do you study English?
Usually through music. I don’t know many English (song) lyrics, and I write down words I don’t know in a note.
I also watch many movies and talk with Henry and with friends (who are Koreans residing abroad) often

Do you have any fantasies about women working in offices? What type do you think would be attractive?
As for me, personal secretaries?
I think I would have liked (their) gracefulness and how they speak little.

Mr. Cutie Henry

What type of music are you fixed onto these days?

I’m listening to Daft Punk musics. Songs that make your mood go up.

Do u think about composing songs with inspirations from ‘Real Man’?

I actually made a song after the first time. It’s not finished yet.

It’s a serious song. My songs are usually bright and exciting. I also was surprised by how I wrote a different style after ‘Real Man’

I’ll let (you guys) listen to it later



What books are you reading these days?
<Betrayal of Eating Vegetables>,<Poison of Milk>..
I have many interest in health.

What do you also want to challenge from now on?
I want to date many different types of women. Hahaha. I’m 30 soon, and My dream is to have many dating experience before getting married. (just a) dream (though)!



I personally like Kyuhyun-ssi’s solo songs.
If you were to do solo activities, what would you like to try?

I want to continue to sing ballads like I have in OST songs. But I won’t dance. Haha


I’m a maknae in the team & in my family, so I’ve gotten to have more aegyos.
So I think these days, I would be okay w older girls too. Is it too late? haha


Mr. Hard Worker Sungmin
The suit really suits you well
Haha. Thank you.

If Sungmin-ssi was a normal office worker, what character would you have?
I think I would have been an honest office worker. I’ve lived an honest life so far, and I’m not good at doing things that makes me feel guilty.
I’m not good in compromising, so I’m a character that hears curses for being too (honest).
And also (one) who works very hard. I’m really confident in working hard.

I heard Sungmin-ssi is very FM. You have a schedule for your days?
Yes. I wake up early and exercise, warm up, and start the day practicing guitar.
After schedules, I sleep at a set time. It’s comfortable for me to do that.
FM is ‘Field Manual’, meaning that he follows regulations/schedules/does work exactly as the guideline says/etc

What are you more comfortable with, variety or acting?
I like acting more. Variety is a bit hard. I’m not good at telling funny stories.
Instead, I like things like dramas and musicals, where I work hard and prepare a lot to show. I want to try a (acting-focused) drama

Is there a specific role you want to try?
An idle (jobless) man who eats and plays at home!

It’s very different from your image?
Yes. I want to try a character that always get nagged by his wife. A pitiful character.

Why do you want to try a role like that?
For some reason, I think I would be able to do that role very well. Don’t you think you would see a new charm? hahaha.

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine & Marloes ‏@_ChoMinAm
Translated by: YWJS ‏@youngwoonjungsu
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by jazzzyjam

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  1. Hahahahaha… can I love you forever ryeowoook-ssi? I really love you…SuJu Fighting!

  2. Hahaha these boys xD

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