140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine Eunhyuk Interview [Translation]

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140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine Zhou Mi Interview [Translation]

140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine with Super Junior-M cr- Marloes (1)
Mr. Handsome Personality, Eunhyuk

You are working very actively these days. It must be hard to control your condition. How are you doing it?
-I think it’s good to eat well and sleep well. I’m the type that doesn’t gain weight, so I eat whenever I get a chance to. 

What kind of food do you like? 
-All of our members aren’t picky. We had a comeback after a long time, and went to Yeouido to eat, and (I) ate ramen every time. I also like ttokbbokki.

You’re practically the leader right now, right? 
-Yes; because Teuk-ee hyung is serving the army right now, I have been entrusted with the spot

You must feel a great sense of responsibility. Are there any hard parts about it? 
-I didn’t know about it before, but now that I am a leader, I feel that each members have distinct individual charms. And we also talk a lot, so we’re very noisy. Haha. So I think, Teuk-ee hyung, who gathered us into one and lead us to here, is really amazing. 

But I think you will do well. You’re very sharp(quick witted, quick to notice atmosphere), right? 
-I think so. Even when we are practicing choreography, we (teachers& members) take turns and give opinions. And this is all possible because members follow (the leader) well?

You are doing your first unit Japan tour with Donghae-ssi. What is the concept? 
-Cute oppa who knows how to play (?) kind of concept. Haha, The song we released in the concert when we released the D&E unit was “Oppa Oppa”. We wore red and yellow suits back then, and the reactions were great, so we even got to doing official activities as a unit.

Many are missing you on variety shows. Do you have any programs you want to challenge? 
-I’m watching these days, I love traveling, so I watched it with attention, and Na PD really edited (the show) well. I even wanted to follow them as a porter, I’m receiving healing from watching that program. 

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine & Marloes ‏@_ChoMinAm
Translated by: YWJS ‏@youngwoonjungsu
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  1. Na PD-nim? 1 night 2 days, oppa?

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