Siwon & Han Geng Meet: Dissecting Past Tensions Between Super Junior and The Chinese Star – From 140413

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Compilation: 140707 Siwon & Han Geng at Jackie Chan’s ‘Peace & Love and Friendship’ & Fan Meet

I’ll post the videos later – uksujusid

A video of Super Junior’s Choi Siwon greeting Chinese star Han Geng at Jackie Chan’s fanmeet ‘Peace & Love’ recently gained a lot of attention. This was the first public interaction between any member of Super Junior and Han Geng since he left the group. The clip came from a Chinese television show that featured the event, and fans quickly took notice of the short meeting.

Siwon and Han Geng (known as Hankyung in Korea) debuted together in 2005 as members of SM Entertainment’s mega group Super Junior. The two worked closely together as members of Super Junior M, which promoted in China. But in 2009, Han Geng sued SM Entertainment for a slave contract, and ended up leaving the group to return to China and pursue his career there.

Although Han Geng’s career took off in China, and he is so popular in China that he was even cast in the upcoming Transformers movie, his relationship with his former group members has been difficult since the split.
In 2009, Super Junior had three members with issues: Han Geng’s contract dispute, Kim Kibum was simply missing in action, and Kangin was involved in a DUI. Kangin is the only member to have returned to the group after serving his military duty. Since Kim Kibum is technically still an actor at SM Entertainment, Han Geng is the only member of Super Junior to have a bad relationship with SM Entertainment and Super Junior.

2009 was not only the year with Super Junior’s difficulties, but it was also the year when Super Junior shot to stardom with its hit ‘Sorry Sorry.’ Because Han Geng was a member of the group during its rise to popularity, many fans still consider him to be a member of Super Junior.

Super Junior’s fan base has very strong feelings about who is a member of Super Junior. For instance, even though Henry Lau and Zhou Mi are members of Super Junior M and appear at Super Junior’s concerts, they are not accepted as official Super Junior Members.

In contrast, many fans all over the globe still support the idea of Super Junior being thirteen members, which includes Han Geng. However, whenever Super Junior or Han Geng have discussed one another, it has always been a bit awkward; each side has tried to portray themselves in the right, while acting as if there weren’t harsh feelings between the two sides.

In an interview on Radio Star in 2010, Leeteuk, Sungmin, Shindong, and Eunhyuk discussed their feelings on the matter, saying that they felt a bit disappointed in him and that they miss him. The Super Junior members said that they, at least those four, never had any contact with Han Geng. Although the members may be speaking the truth, there is something a bit off about the interview.

Also in 2010, Han Geng discussed that he was willing to meet with the other members and perform with them, if the Korea side was willing. However, even at the time it was clear that SM Entertainment would not reconcile with him. Han Geng said that he was in contact with two of the members. Super Junior never confirmed this.

In 2012, during an interview Han Geng publicly recognized that he may seem ungrateful to Super Junior, but that the situation was too difficult for him to remain in. During this latter interview, this interview was less about rejoining the group as the earlier one had been, but about how he was right in his decision to leave.

At the beginning of 2013, Super Junior M member Zhou Mi said that he hoped that the group and Han Geng would be able to casually meet during the group’s time in Beijing.
Despite Zhou Mi’s comment, there has never been any mention by the group or Han Geng that they have ever met.

Siwon’s appearance with Han Geng, where the two first shake hands and then Siwon playfully hugs Han Geng, may very well be the first time that the two have run into each other since 2009. Based on what Han Geng and the Super Junior members have said in interviews, there is little contact between the two sides.

If Han Geng is no longer a part of Super Junior and the Super Junior members have nothing to do with him (Super Junior is a group that has managed to thrive despite members’ absences,) there is really no reason for this recent run in to be big news.

To some, it is simply a meeting between a Chinese solo artist and a Korean boy band member.
However, fans were struck in 2009 by several contract disputes at SM Entertainment-Han Geng and JYJ. Although the parties on both sides, TVXQ and JYJ, and Super Junior and Han Geng, have become successful, there was never any closure for fans that the two sides were comfortable with each other now.

K-Pop runs on the ideal that the idols are perfect. Any complications, such as disbandment, are unpleasant and break the illusion of what idols are. The fact that Han Geng and Super Junior’s relationship was so awkward negatively impacted their images as idols.

Seeing Siwon and Han Geng appear relatively comfortable with one another creates the illusion that there are no hard feelings on either side. This illusion encompasses all of K-Pop, and in this case makes fans feel better about the scandal that nearly ripped apart Super Junior.

Does it mean that Super Junior has no hard feelings towards Han Geng and vice versa? That is impossible to know.

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  1. It shows that SJ and Hangkyung reconcile with each other

  2. “each side has tried to portray themselves in the right” ???!
    they never did so, what’s with this article o.O
    henmi probleme is SM’s fault,
    and han’s departure also,
    sj have the right to be angry at him, but as I see they’re not !
    for me it looks more like sj & han are trying to protect each other by avoiding the matter in public~
    *SJ 15 FIGHTING ! *

    • Henry and Zhoumi’s problem is obviously Only13!ELf’s fault. No one imagined it could have happened. Not SM and certainly not Henry and Zhoumi.

      • but if the ELF refused them back then SM should have put them in another group or as solo singers…i love them so i feel bad for them, henry got over it now but not zhoumi 😦

        • it’s not easy to change the plan for a group let alone changing it only for fans. it’s hard but i dont think they could have done anything about it. let’s just say Henry n Zhoumi are destined to be with SJ and continue to support them. ^^

          • yeah they’re destined to be in sj and so they are~ ^^

  3. SuJu- our 15 angels! i was so happy to see them together ❤

  4. Am I the only one who thought that the video of them meeting was kind of very awkard and I don’t know forced?

    • yeah kinda awkward like
      “euh..what should we do”
      han: “shake hands?”
      won: “ok”
      lol it was like they don’t have the habit to shake hands, they generally slap xD

  5. Siwon met Hangeng on a Chinese program after the split. I read where Hangeng said in a interview that he was not happy being in super Junior and if he had stayed, he would have committed suicide. He has never looked back, unlike some who can never let go. I feel that Henry and Zhou Mi belong in SuJu, although as a group I love the way SJM perform together and think Swing is one of the best things that SJ has done.

  6. Honestly…i think there is awkwardness talking about this subject mainly because of the company. I am not discerning SM or anything, but i feel that if SuJu members were to talk about Hangeng there will be an issue with the company. Moreover, i really do think that the members keep in touch and miss each other. I mean during a recent interview with Hangeng he mentioned that he recently contacted Leetuek and the members about Leetueks family. Also, if you think about it, Hangeng and the members have always mentioned unfortunate things mainly because of contract issues, so why would the members be awkward with each other if it was really nothing between them? I mean yea with the separating of the group part and all but these members are family members, so there should not be any heavy awkward tension.
    And on the subject of Henry and Zhou Mi yea it has been difficult for them, and that is because of the crazy stupid fans (not the company) but SuJu members are trying hard to make Henry and Zhou Mi more a part of the family and these two are trying so hard and are trying their best. If you ever notice their tweets and comments about how hard they try, and in the end they always smile because they will not give up!
    SuJu members all 15 of them try their best even if they are separated they are still a family, although we fans do not know the whole entire story, i still believe no matter what they are a happy family in the end.

  7. Am I the only one who thought the reason both of them looked so awkward was because it was their first time meeting each other in front of cameras?
    Like they’d all still see or talk to each other in private but the whole thing being in public this time just made them uncomfortable for they knew this’ll be making headlines right the next day and didn’t know in which direction to take it and settled with a handshake
    ….or it’s just me being a delulu Fan and looking too much into it

    • If you go to you tube & type in Siwon and Hangeng, you will see they. Met publicly in 2010 on a show in China. I’m assuming they have kept in touch.

  8. Okay am I the only one who I dunno disagree with this article. First of all, if you’re not an ELFs you don’t know how we all actually feel about this. “Han Geng is the only member of Super Junior to have a bad relationship with SM Entertainment and Super Junior.” We know that he left SM because of bad relationship with SM, not SuJu or else why would he be so freely to talk about them in public, then im guessing all those time he train with them is “fake” if we go by this statement. Of course we know nothing behind the scenes, but judging from fancam/variety shows/interview/fan account, I believed he enjoy being around them and treasure the time he stayed in Korea.
    After he left, no one know if the two parties contact or meet up beside Hangeng and SJ themselves. Also, let’s not forget the fact that SJ is still under SM entertainment, since Hangeng left on bad term with SM, do you think SM would freely let both side stay friend and casually meet up like it’s nothing.
    Furthermore, I think they are still in contact without doing it on camera. Hangeng recently talked about how he contact Leeteuk family after that incident. If he was lying why use this incident since it can be a pretty touchy subject, he can just say oh I met up with some other members.
    I do admit that when Siwon and Hangeng met up, it’s kinda awkward since they are on camera after all. But anyways, it’s not like I know SJ and Hangeng relationship lol Sorry about this long rant guys^^

  9. I actually really hope Hangeng return to Super junior
    even if it does not happen :’)
    I am glad there is no resentment among They Hangeng and all members of Super Junior 🙂

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