Vote for #SuperJuniorM #SWING + MORE.

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Super Junior M has worked very hard for this comeback and Chinese-ELF have done well to repay their hard work so we must all do the same to show SJ our love and support.

Here are some of the main ways that Worldwide-ELF can help:

Raise ‘SWING’ Music Video Views:

Please ONLY watch the OFFICIAL Super Junior M ‘SWING’ MV  CHINESE VERSIONKOREAN VERSIONYoutube views are very important to Korean shows so watch it often. This is an SJM comeback so, if you can, please watch Swing on Youku and YinYueTai too.

Important Voting:

14th Top Chinese Music Awards:: Vote for SJM and Henry!      Online vote!
*don’t need weibo! vote every 20 min!!!*

Mobile vote*vote if you can, we’re behind T-T*

World Music Awards::  Vote for Super Junior in the following categories:

World’s Best Song:: Blue World – Super Junior

  1. World’s Best Album:: Swing! – Super Junior M
  2. World’s Best Video:: Blue World – Super Junior
  3. World’s Best Male Artist:: Siwon, Henry or Han Geng
  4. !!!!!!! World’s Best Group:: Super Junior !!!!!!!!
  5. World’s Best Live Act:: Super Junior 
  6. World’s Best Entertainer of the Year:: Siwon, Henry or Han Geng 

*You may vote once per category so please make your vote count ELF!*

Singapore Entertainment Awards::

SJM for Group!
Henry for MVKpop!
SJ for Korean Singer!
SJ for U weekly cover!

*If you can’t vote because of passport concerns, please work hard to spread this and let Singapore ELF know they can*

[Mnet] Which Idol Group Rocks the Slick Suit Look Best?Vote for SJM!

[Dubai Music Awards] To perform during the #DIMA2014 Vote for Super Junior!
Call (Saudi Arabia)= 00882 162 277 41 00 or (All Countries) = 00882 169 00 169 

[Yin Yue Tai Awards 2014] Vote for Super Junior, EunHae & Henry! 

*Deadline April 8th, Yin Yue Tai Awards 2014. You require a Weibo/Baidu/Yin Yue tai Account (you can also scan the QR code in the website to vote) *

[SBS PopAsia’s Top 8 CountdownVote for EunHae!

Album Sales:

Digital Album (OUT NOW!):

  • International fans can ONLY purchase ‘SWING’ Digital Album through MNET and Soribada for it to count on music charts.

Physical Album (will be released on April 1st):

*All purchases will count towards music charts!*

Help Super Junior M with the Charts in Korea!
Digital Sales, SNS and Streaming (listening online) play a large role in how successful a song does with promotions in Korea.

These are the stream and search links:
  1. MELON
  2. MNET
  4. DAUM
  6. BUGS
  7. NAVER
  8. Monkey3

Search for ‘슈퍼주니어 M SWING’ on these sites and listen to the ‘SWING’ stream!

*Note: If you just want to search instead of listen to the stream, listen to the entire album stream at least once a day and then search A LOT!*

It’s extremely important. Let’s make Super Junior proud!

Super thanks to for compiling and providing all this information.



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  1. picture is cool #SUPERJUNIORM #SWING

  2. i have voted SJ and SJ M at SINGAPORE E-AWARDS 2014 i need not passport number i just type random number (9 digit random number) and it accepted .

  3. Thank you so much, it’s really helpful!

  4. wtf is this?! i see only orange caramel on the top of the blogg and on the background o.o, what happend?

  5. Question: What’s with all these pictures of Orange Caramel???

  6. I don’t understand why there is Orange Caramel MV in a post about SJ-M.
    Do this site get hacked?

    • April Mop

      • lmao, i was like what happ- oh right april fools
        I was so confused XD

        But Orange Caramel is quite good! 😀

  7. I love you guys, this is the best one yet!

  8. April Fools, of course! Great job! I totally was like, wth? 😀 Hahaha!!!

  9. fu guys XD. I got an hart attack when I opened sjblog ;< XD

  10. kpoppers are already used to this joke, the fansources do it every year ‘-‘

  11. Can you help provide the link to “swing” on Soribada? I couldn’t find it ~

    • me too… I’ve been trying to buy the song but I can’t find it in the english site. I’ve tried to buy in the korean site but I can’t understand anything and I tried to translate it and i think there r some issues with me being a foreigner? HELP! T-T

  12. Please help SJM win on Music Champion by voting on melon. We’re in 5th place. You can vote 3 times per day per one account

    Voting tutorial : ht tp:// worldwideelfs . com/2014/04/05/tutorial-vote-for-super-junior-ms-swing-on-mbc-show-champion/

  13. we left behind from Mblaq for this poll

  14. i wanted so much to vote but i dont know how to do it… 😦

  15. vote for super junior in italian mv kpop clash.Super Junior is on the second tournament here. vote 10 votes for one fb, of course you can vote more if you more fb account. vote here go go

  16. Can we add still you (eunhae) for the worlds best song category?

  17. hai, im from philippines. Can you help us with this? VOTE Swing-Super Junior M on .. In that way, Ph Elf can give awards to super junior and also with this

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