‘A Real Man’ math question, What is Henry’s tip that beat Seoul National University-Science High School? – From 140317

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Compilation: MBC ‘Real Men’ with Henry (with ENG SUBS)

Henry from a group SuperJunior-M solved a math question based on his outstanding creativity and is becoming the center of attention.

On MBC entertainment program ‘Sunday Night-A Real Man(A Real Man) that was aired on the afternoon of March 16th, Henry easily solved a math question that Kim Soo Ro gave and surprised everyone.

On this day, the soldiers did some serious thinking to solve the math question that Kim Soo Ro gave. Not only Seo Gyung Suk, who went to Seoul National University, soldiers who went to Science High School also tried the best to solve the problem but the answer did not come out that easily.

The particular math question was ‘5※2=11, 3※2=7, 4※5=30, 8※4=?’. When Henry was asked to solve the problem after he came back from the medical room, he said “It is very easy. Do you guys not know this?” and casually wrote the answer.

Upon seeing his answer, Kim Soo Ro was also very surprised and said “That is correct” and the entire room was also full of amazement. Henry said “Don’t think of it in a too complicated way” and shared his tip.

When people saw ‘A Real Man’ math question, they said “A Real Man math question, Henry gets much more interesting the more we get to know him”, “A Real Man math question, is it the problem of Korea’s education” and “A Real Man math question, what is the answer” and so on and showed their reactions.

Meanwhile on this day on ‘A Real Man’, the members receiving intense winter season training in special merit phoenix troop continued from last week was on air.

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  1. So what is the answer?.. Is it 33?

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