140318 Celebrity Magazine, Interview with Henry [Translation]

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Compilation: MBC ‘Real Men’ with Henry (with ENG SUBS)

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The variety shows is buzzing with talks about Henry joining “The Real Man”, it was such an exhilaration in interviewing him. (R: Reporter)

Henry: Thru ” The Real Man, I wish to become a gallant soldier and let the viewers have a better understanding of the hardships of being in the military and to promote the positive image of the military.

R: Just like a [real man] in “The Real Man”, Henry outburst of words has taken us unexpectedly. With your lacking in the understanding of Korean military culture, similarly, Henry is clueless too.

<267 Recruit Henry>
R: I should address you in this manner.

Henry: I’ve feel like turning into a comedian. Recently, I am become recognisable by passersby. I patronised a pork knuckle eatery once and the owner who is a male, keep staring at me and grin , after about 30mins [I’m sorry but it was hilarious and adorable], something like that.

R: You feel uncomfortable?
Henry: People not just recognise me but they feel good when they saw me, personally, I think it is good that I make them laugh and feel good.

R: Really, you never watched “The Real Man” before the shooting?
Henry: yes, yes yes (he rephrase thrice whenever he need to stress his feelings). Not knowing the nature of the show, I assume it is just a routine shooting. My manager ‘hyung’ did not elaborate much, just mentioned it will be a lengthy shooting on Monday, that’s all. When I ask him I should take a peek about the show, he insists there’s no need to do so. To me, it was suppose to be a magazine shooting in a studio.

R: you must be frenzied, even brought along your pillow.
Henry: it is because I have spinal problem , with curve back and it will bw very painful without a down pillow. But that’s my least problem, how do you put it, snoring?

R: Snoring, you fellows bunk mate snore?
Henry: Sam Hammington is ‘daebak’ , the floor board vibrates when he snore. Others snore too.

R: SJ members prevaricated before you enlisted, right?
Henry: yes yes yes. I thought I can do as I like, I believe every words ‘hyungs’ told me, I can get a gun at PX and the thing about the Red Cap too. I thought he was the pre-arranged mean character but I was terrified by him from the beginning to the end. I was just waited for the call for CUT to end the filming for me to take a break. But it continued for 7 days, it was really hard.

R: Do you know anyone of the team, who are they?
Henry: No. I’ve no idea., only Sam Hammingtom, I guess. Oh, and Hyun Shik but not intimately. I recognise his face, that’s all. I am a second class and the rest are first class private. Whatever the seniority in the society, it means nothing in the military. Hyun Shik is younger than me in age but I have to take instruction from him when we are in the uniform. Once we step out from the camp he will apologise to me. He called me a couple of days ago, “hyung, I am sorry. We are reporting to camp in a few more days and I am your senior again. ”

R: it was totally different than you expected, right?
Henry: yes yes yes. To a foreigner, military life should be interesting and an excellent place to be. My friends, with the Canadian army have posted various photos of the army training in their FB; the food they serve, the workout routine they undergo, all seems to be thrilled. Therefore, the army should be a fun place , nice food, all the physical exercise. But all are totally opposite than I foreseen.

R: Are you disappointed?
Henry: Not disappointed, to Korean society, the military represents hardship and grey. To me, military should be an image of gallantry and by joining the army, I hope to become outstanding in a way. Soldiers serve their country and the hardship is all well worth it.

R: Inspite of the weariness of the show, it there and other emotional effects to you?
Henry: Come to think of it, it was quite awesome. People have more understanding of the adversity in the military after “The Real Man” was aired.

R: What is the toughest, dive into the icy lake?
H: All of it, everything is harsh in the army. From the beginning, all the word command. You can’t speak comfortably in the army with all the military tone way of speaking. Going to bed is turning in, what else, turn left right?

R: You mean Left right in Formation?

Henry: that’s right. Left right in Formation. Carrying 30 kg of backpack and sleeping in the mountain ridge, it was freezing, below 20 deg. Above all, stripped and immerse into the icy lake, that’s really tough.

R: Abseiling, initially you have no intention of doing it right?

Henry: It has been aired? I can’t even take the rides in the amusement park (roller coaster?) I’ve done only once, I must do it at least once in my lifetime, that’s what I told my friends that took the ride with me. The excitement of the ride scares me.

The rest of the guys did it (abseiling), it will be cowardice for not doing it. I don’t want to be branded a coward.

R: Who is the the one you depended on most, in the team?
Henry: It came across me to give up after 3-4 days, I told the producer that it was too tough, feels like calling my manager ‘hyung’ to pack up and go home. K. Will overhead our conversation and have a talk with me for about 40mins. You have to do this and bear with it. I would have given up if not for K. Will ‘hyung’.

R: How did he convinced you in 40mins?
Henry: Just bear with it for another day, although the training is difficult, everything is worth it once you overcome the hardship.

R: All the difficulty of military phrases, the unfamiliar atmosphere. The awkward situation with the Senior with the resemblance of “pineapple”; horrify by the though of it.
Henry: Aren’t they look alike? The have the similarity. I am very forthright with my feeling and answer. I didn’t realise it will cause so much furor in him. I am just being truthful. I look like a mice, even the likeness of a puppy. Others my resemble an apple, orange, persimmons. That ‘hyung’ really look like a pineapple.

R: Once you have eyes contact with people, follow by greeting, do you have any hard time because of this habit?
Henry: Yes yes yes. We should acknowledge pleasantly. Once I make eyes contact, I feel like taking to that person and smile, but I don’t understand why smiling is not allow in the military, how wonderful is to able to smile, right? (Manger: for an instance, in the combat, it will be out of control if there is no sense of seriousness).
No, of course, sternness is require during training but we should relax and smile and laugh in between break and resting. We can laugh together at meal time.
(Manager: It will be awkward relationship in the hierarchy). Err, is that the case?

R: Prior to your detachment to the core troop, you cried. What have cross your mind then?
Henry: The deployment after the basic training? Not much crying as reported, only 2 days we trained together, not much of talking or doing anything together but being thru some tough training together has built the camaraderie. Thought of going separate ways, my emotion was uncontrollable. I am grateful for the care and assistance render to me. Rather than being sad, I would put it this way of leaving the rest who are going to be there to complete their 2 years conscription, is hard.

R: What is the family’s reaction?
Henry: Mom watch the first episode and she reiterated that the show indeed is something that I need because I have a lot of bad habits, hoping with this show, I will learn a lot. But after she saw my dip into the icy lake, he called and check on me, if I can still carry on?

R: Operating an armor tank, will be your next deployment, according to the report?
Henry: Yes, shouldn’t be too tiring, driving a tank. I feel blessed, I am good at driving, should able to handle it, as long as there is no icy lake. It is colder that in Canada, the snow fall is up to here (making a gesture of leveling his hand to the chest). Having sweaty feet, I’ve to walk in the cold and feel like both of my feet are frozen.

R: What do you think about the the show titled “The Real Man”?
Henry: To treasure others, in order to do that, I have to grown strong and protect the persons that I treasure, that’s the real man is all about.

<Artist Henry>

R: If you were not debuted as a singer, will you become a violinist?
Henry: I was born in Canada, I was in dilemma for further my study and become a career violinist. Bur as a singer, I can sing, dance and playing musical instruments, which I am reluctant to give up.

R: Feels like doing a lot at the same time?
Henry: There’s a lot I like to do. I am singing, dancing and playing instruments but without the ‘wow’ effects. I hope to get reach that peak in 10 years and become a real Artist.

R: What kind of Artist?
Henry: Performing in concert with a variety of concept which will draw youngsters, adults alike. I’ve yet reach that capacity, there’s still be a lot of hard work to be done in order to get there.

R: You have collaborated with NoizeBank before, are you still working together?
Henry: wow, you has done some homework on me. NB was form with my schoolmates from Berklee; I asked them to join me in Korea, it was my own personal thoughts. I was not easy to work together and only 2 of of us left in the team. I’ve work with NB in the previous album because we are in sync with the same kind of music.

R: Henry has recognise thru filming of “The Real Man”.
Henry: People recognise me thru “The Real Man”, anybody can do that, even someone else is chosen for the show instead of me, the other candidate too will be recognise by the viewers. To me, I don’t want to be known for doing well in the show but I want to be known like Bruno Mars, acknowledge not thru a TV program but as a singer. I wanna be a singer that will touch everyone with my singing and music.

R: The last question is, we are curious about Henry’s goal in life.
Henry: To Be Happy, but it is hard to be happy. Money will not make you happy. I want to my family and the people around me to become better, that’s Step One, as for Step Two, I’m not sure yet but I’m a work in progress.
Is this the end, you have no further inquisition of me?

Trans: Wong Siew Lan

Translated by Wong Siew Lan, Shared by HenryLauFansPage@henrylaufp
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by firnia


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