140317 Super Junior-M’s Henry Solves Puzzling Math Problem in Ten Seconds on ‘Real Man’

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Compilation: MBC ‘Real Men’ with Henry (with ENG SUBS)

So far, all he’s shown on MBC’s Real Man is the image of a clueless soldier, but that all changed when Super Junior-M’s Henry came face to face with a math riddle.

On March 16’s broadcast of Real Man, Kim Soo Ro gave out a tricky math problem for his comrades to solve. Whoever solves it, will take his watch as a prize.

[Video] Super Junior-M’s Henry Solves Puzzling Math Problem in Ten Seconds on ‘Real Man’

While the majority of the comrades gave up, including Seok Kyung Seok, who attended the prestigious Seoul National University, one soldier, who graduated from a math and sciences high school, struggled through it using all the math formulas he knows.

He eventually got the correct answer, but rolled around in anger, realizing how simple the equation was.

[Video] Super Junior-M’s Henry Solves Puzzling Math Problem in Ten Seconds on ‘Real Man’

A few moments later, Henry arrived in the room with the comrades telling Henry to try to solve it. Henry stared at the math equation for a few seconds, saying, “This is really easy.”

He then took less than ten seconds before handing his written answer to Kim Soo Ro, who laughed, saying Henry got the correct answer. All the other soldiers fell over in shock, wondering what planet Henry was from after being completely clueless during all the trainings but able to solve the equation in a short time.

Can you solve this riddle?

Source: MBCentertainment & mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en
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  1. but its simple ‘-‘ although i dont know what they want since its in korean, but “?” = 62 , and z ≅ 2,2 , isnt? the only weird thing is 3 x z = 7 , cause its a repeating decimal, but since its between 2,2 and 2,3 its still ≅ 2,2 … this make me rethink about want to go to SNU to study biology ‘G.G should i go to canada instead? XD

    • Theres nothing using decimal in solving the problem 🙂
      its like logical (?) test
      The answer “?” not 62 but 38 😀

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