140313 [Personality] Henry, the new icon of positivity.

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Compilation: MBC ‘Real Men’ with Henry (with ENG SUBS)


Looking at the pure white snow at the Mt Baekdu Recruit training center, just like gazing at Henry in “The Real Man” season 2.

Being the youngest member of SJM with adorable appearance and childish temperament, he brought along his yoga mat, salute with his index fingers, with no knowledge of military culture, he is oozing with aura of innocent as pure as a piece of blank paper.

Most significantly, he lets his guard down against everybody; Henry was deceived by Kangin to obtain gun and ammunition from PX, easily.

Some might be anxious and others are hilarious but above all, not for being gullible but rather trust whole-heartily the lies told by his “hyungs”.

In fact, the tactic of using the unfamiliarity of the Korean culture of foreigner to bring out the other side of “The Real Man”, is nothing new. Same goes for Sam Hammington in this show, Bruno and Bo Ching in [Look into Korea]? (sic) by KBS.

Foreigner stuttering in Korean language, fluttering before the scenario that was familiar for us but not for them. What appearance to be foolishness by Sam Hammington and Park Hyun Shik, are nothing compare to what Henry brings into the show.

Just like an ecstatic boy scout going for a camping trip, from shaking hands with the Army doctor and sharing his chocolate bars and his team mates are punished for his fault; he is definitely someone to be concerned of in the troop. The army doctor strike a cord by saying, he is quite a content fellow but will make things difficult for others. His every movement in “The Real Man’ has become news.

But in the mist of being in the army, awkwardness arise due to him being clueless of Korean culture, the lies told by his “hyungs”, mislead him to take in the red cap trainer as a manager. Knowing it was more than it meet the eyes, he is feeling tense facing red cap trainer, with sincerity, he ask the trainer if her has taken his lunch, which has been staring sternly at him during lunch session. To him, the trainer might fearful but Henry realize he is not someone that will harm him. Whenever he made a mistake, being rebuked or being punished, he will harbor no doubt or dislike oneself. Hostility, you won’t be seeing any of this negativity from Henry.


Leaving the New Recruit camp with a hug to the trainer, saying aloud ‘I love you’ to the camp commander. rather than being a childish act, it was the lack of suspiciousness and letting his guard down, believing all men are good in nature. Being senseless gullible and sensible innocent, Henry is the latter.

Being bill as the biggest ‘Black Hole’ in “The Real Man”, one can sense there is abundant energy coming from him. For a foreigner to memorize and to sing the military song in scattered Korean for the first time, it was part of the plot by the show production but surprisingly, rather being stump for forgetting the lyric, he hummed all the way to the end of the song. When it was the turn to perform, the physical exercise, Henry release all his emotion and passion, unreservedly.

To him, the world is without minacity and animosity, his mind and desire is borderless, repent and rectification after being rebuke; check and supervision does not bother him at all.

Therefore, it is hard for us to see him transform from a gullible recruit; his passion and proactiveness from the beginning of the show has landed him in troubles but he still masculinity occasionally. With Henry ‘The Black Hole’ participation in “The Real Man”, has show the worldly aspect of the military reality show. Whether is the training in the cold wilderness or other gruelling training interlace with punishments. Abusive punishment is prohibited in the show. The military showcase in the show is discipline , endurance, mission accomplishment, one will be well well compensated. There is no place for unreasonable, boorish seniors, uncouth quartermasters that will work you into the ground; this does not mean “The Real Man” is a all warm and cosy. When the camera starts rolling, unreasonable cease to exit, it is all for the camera.

Therefore, even there are conflict with reality, at least there should not be any counteraction but with Henry’s unpredictable thoughts and actions, has indeed instil some edginess in “The Real Man”, at the same time, effectively show off the stern, potent but non brutal side military, just as Henry strongly believe in.

This is an interesting coexistence, same goes for Henry; being in outback of the national defense unit, his existence intensify with glitters and glows that never seen before when he is part of SJM.
After being shortlisted for elimination in “Master Chef Korea” , he was the foreigner confronting the judges with a broad smile in the midst of Fei’s sniffling.

In “The Real Man” he is genuine with his feeling and action by showing assertiveness and enthusiasm.
Just as “The Face of Positivity”(sic) ‘Lu Hong Ze’ (sic) is an optimist will always bring positive outcome no matter how bad the situation. Hence, Henry under any circumstances, strongly believe there isn’t any refrain and carefree and happy-go-lucky kind of person.

Frankly speaking, rather than seeing he growing pain of the gullible Henry become a private first class, we prefer he continue of being, fearless, carefree and laugh unreservedly. What we wish and expect from Henry, is to glimmers like the pure white snow.

Source: http://m.news.naver.com/
Translated by Wong Siew Lan via HenryLauFansPage@henrylaufp
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by firnia



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  1. Love Henry…thanks for the transcript.

  2. All comments on this article was very positive, Henry is being really loved by k-netizens… i feel so proud of baby Mochi, he is finally receiving all the love and support that he deserves!!!

  3. It’s a good thing that Henry remained a positive person despite all the negative things that have happened to him in the past most of which were done by some ELF.

  4. i proud of you mochiii… all comment on this article was very positive.

  5. I’m so proud of him, I’m not even kidding. he went through so much. he deserves this. and I also wish zhoumi gets some recognition by k-media.

  6. I’m so happy and proud for him! 🙂 He and Zhou Mi have gone through so much hate and negativity in the past especially within Korea but now all that large amount of hate and negativity is being doubled by positivity and its great im so happy for him! I’m sure a lot more will even come for Zhou Mi soon! 🙂

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