Henry Becomes the New Hole Soldier on ‘Real Man’ – From 140217

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Compilation: MBC ‘Real Men’ with Henry (with ENG SUBS)

Making viewers laugh while sitting on a bed of nails, Super Junior-M’s Henry became the new hole soldier on MBC’s Real Man.

On February 16, Henry joined Real Man, experiencing the Korean military for the first time. With the not-so-helpful tips from his Super Junior members, Henry believed the military would be easy, even thinking the filming would take place on a set instead of a real army base.

[Video] Henry Becomes the New Hole Soldier on ‘Real Man’

However, once he set foot on base, the scary trainers with the red hats, who Kangin mentioned were going to be Henry’s new managers in the army, made sure to wipe that smile off Henry’s face.

The army doctor, who looked at the basic healthy examination for Henry, noted that his first impression of Henry was like dealing with an elementary student. “He’s pretty content with himself, but seemed like he would be the type of solider who’ll make things kind of difficult for others. I’m worrying for him.”

Just as the doctor said, Henry ate some snacks, only to get caught by the trainer. The entire team was told to do pushups.

[Video] Henry Becomes the New Hole Soldier on ‘Real Man’

By the end of the episode, actor Park Gun Hyung appointed himself as Henry’s father on the show, teaching him things one by one.

It was also pointed out that Henry carried all the characteristics of Sam Hammington, Son Jin Young, and ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik, the previous hole soldiers on Real Man.

Ahead of the broadcast but following his first army experience, Henry tweeted to K.Will, Seo Kyung Suk, Hyung Sik, Kim Soo Ro, and Sam Hammington on February 14, “I love you TT TT TT TT TT TT.”

Source: MBC &  mwave.interest.me/enewsworld
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  1. I Love watch real men…..it coz henry so hilarious…..hehehehe

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