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  1. Filming the MV already?

    Well I guess they are trying to complete it before D&E activities. So does that mean once D&E finishes their tour, they will immediately start SJM activities? Wow, tight timeline.

    • I hear it will most likely be promoted between the two week period D&E are not in Japan activities – The last two weeks of march/into april. Or it will come out in May. But i think it is most likely releasing in the end of March

      • Thanks for the information. Honestly, even though I can’t wait for SJM’s comeback, I rather it releases after D&E activities. Just so it’s not so tiring for those two boys.

        • I guess that is true. But there have been no planned promotions other than one currently confirmed variety show, a talk about online fan meeting, and maybe a radio show. They havent planned much for Super Junior M. Also D&E although touring Japan they are only in Japan once a week during the couple of months. I doubt their work would be heavy other then just the performance on stage during the tour. (Similar occurance for Super Junior KRY’s tour too) Also, SJM completed their album and prepared for a for it for the past 3 months and possibly longer. Also they have been preparing for their comeback as a whole group since December i herd, i figure that they are scheduling their group comeback in possibly the end of August/Early September. SM probably does not want EXO and SHINee and Fx to clash with comebacks so i am guessing EXO is coming back in April or May, and SHINee after them and then Fx and then Super Junior gets the latter end of the rest of the year probably SNSD Full Album too. Lol sorry for the random thoughts and insights i have. xD But i think they will be fine 🙂

          • Do you know what’s the variety show that is already confirmed?

            • No it wasnt mentioned to which one. Sadly 😦

  2. Any member has said anything from recording the mv? They will have told them not to tell?

  3. YES! comeback soon!!

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