140224 Henry Shows Tears on “Real Men”

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Compilation: MBC ‘Real Men’ with Henry (with ENG SUBS)


Henry and K.Will were officially promoted to private on MBC’s “Real Men.” On the February 23 broadcast of the show, the two singers were promoted from recruits to privates.

After receiving training at the Baekdu Mountain Recruit Training Center along with Park Gun Hyung, who is also a new cast member on the show, Henry and K.Will were released early from training. Henry showed tears after he received the unexpected news to say good-bye.

During an interview on the show Henry remarked, “I think there’s a special relationship between people in the army. I probably won’t see them again, so I just felt really sad during the moment,” explaining the reason for his tears.

Henry said good-bye to the “Red Hat” teaching assistant and said, “I love you.” The teaching assistant smiled at Henry for the first time.


Source: www.soompi.com
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  1. I keep feeling bad when Henry got scolded by the “red cap” man and even I know thats the way it is in the army, I keep hoping he teach him kindly. Watching the show I reaize it once again how hard Kangin and Teukie military life must be.

    Thankfully Henry cheerful side can keep his smile and I believe that the red cap man also love Henry and find him loveable, he just cant show it since he is their instructor.

    Cant wait to watch this show every week, I hope K-Netizen can see how hard Henry try in this show ><

  2. it’s cute ^^
    but knowing Henry i just hope he will not try to be funny all the times.
    sometimes i can see that he is not acting naturally and i’m afraid that he is going to cross the line.
    even though it’s a tv-show it’s also very serious for koreans so i hope he won’t take it too lightly. I love him but he tends to overreact when he gets too much attention.
    just be careful little mochi ♥

  3. http://www.kshownow.net/2014/02/real-men-episode-45-english-subs.html HENRY IN REAL MAN ENG SUB

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