140215 Yesung at WhyStyle [FanAccounts]

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Yesung looks happy and he also took out his hand-phone to take pictures of fans. Setting payment with fans, yesung’s songs has been playing in the shop (for now).

Source: SuperJunior人人網公共主頁
Translated by: 슈퍼주니어의WorldwideELFs ‏@WorldwideELFs

I just happened to pass by Whywtyle and here he is, Yesung oppa!! So I quickly buy something and go pay for it! It’s my nervousness that causes trouble! I pay 10000won less than what I should have… Then oppa just laughed! Jongwoon oppa even reminded me that I need to pay 10000won more…

I asked him in Korean,’Is weibo interesting? Is Chinese hard?’
Oppa said,’Chinese is very hard. Really hard! Better off using Korean.”

Oppa is in very good mood! He is wearing a black cap, a red and black thin coat, black v-neck shirt.

Source: momoRyeowookie
Translated by: siohappy@siohappy

I just bought a pair of glasses. I asked Jongwoon to pick the color (red and grey) for me. He was very careful and even tried them on 3 times.

JW: Thanks~(in Chinese) (must have) Come from Beijing!
Me: No…
JW: Then where? (frowned)
Me: Hong Kong
JW: Ah, Hong Kong
Me: When is Beijing Whystyle (taking place)?
JW: I don’t know! Really! When is Beijing Whystyle?
JongJin: Friday, Saturday and Sunday~
Me: 3 days?
JW: Jongjin will be there.
Jongjin: I will be there, but I am quite nervous about it.
JW: If fans see him… (then Jongwoon grab Jongjin’s collar and keep shaking him. Even use his fist to punch Jongjin. Me and my friends can’t stop laughing.)

Then I bought passport cases for my friends. He wasn’t familiar with the type of card which I am using, so he tried a couple times before it was successful. After that I asked a staff noona to help me do the tax refund.

JW: (watching the staff noona) I have never done the tax refund procedure before.
Me: (ask Jongjin) Does Jongjin oppa know a lot of Chinese?
Jongjin: xie xie (Thank you in Chinese)
Me: Do you only know ‘Xie xie’? XD
JW: di di! ge ge! jie jie! mei mei! (younger brother, older brother, older sister and younger sister in Chinese.)
Me: Wow~
Jongjin: also $#%*$!#+
Me: What’s that? XD
(Jongwoon just laughed)
Jongjin: It’s Korean that sounds like Chinese~
Me: Please say that again~
Jongjin: $#%*$!#+^$%

It doesn’t sound like Chinese at all! lol

Source: mobit8487*boey
Translated by: siohappy ‏@siohappy
Shared at by myblacksmile101


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  1. Thanks for sharing..How lucky you to talk to him laugh and heard his voice in person…:)

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