140207 Kyochon Indonesia Grand Opening Event with Kangin [FanAccount+2P]

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Compilation: 140207 Kyochon Indonesia Grand Opening Event with Kangin and Ryeowook

Appa’s (Kangin) hand is soft and warm SOBS and his smile melts me my knees went weak HUHU

He wrote: To G!g!e! … HAHAHAHHAHAHA


So i wrote my name on my hand and showed him that i wanted this name to be written by him


Kangin was like “o gi..gie?” then he looked to my hand and started to spell carefully, kept on taking a peek so that he wrote my name right

I didnt realize he put the exclamation marks instead of a normal i ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I waited til he finished signing then i wanted to shake his hand and he accepted it. while our hands were still shaking, i told him “your cat funeral movie trailer is daebak” (in korean) but he couldn’t hear me cos MC was speaking on background. So i leaned forward and our hands were still shaking ssdfjasdf and told him again your movie daebak!!!! then he smiled so sweetly (CRIES) & said thank you in eng

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  1. Kyochon nya dmn sih sist ???
    Lotte Mart di bunsen kah ??? O.o

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