140207 Henry to Join “Real Men” Cast as 2nd Foreign Soldier

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Compilation: MBC ‘Real Men’ with Henry (with ENG SUBS)


SM Entertainment‘s Henry will join the cast of the popular variety show, “Real Men.”

A representative of MBC told Sports Seoul, “Henry has been cast as the new member of ‘Real Men’. With Sam Hammington being the first, he will be the second foreign soldier. We can expect this addition to bring fun and energy to the show.”

With the coming of the second season, “Real Men” will try to bring a new energy and entertainment to the show, along with a few new members. Sam Hammington, as the foreigner representative on the show, became popular with his endearing charms. It is expected that Henry will also be a bright addition to the show, with his own unique charms and appeal.

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Source: www.soompi.com
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  1. Yay Henry!!! ❤ His awesome Variety skills will be shown!! Lol now i really hope i can watch Real Men with Eng Subs xD

    Now i am waiting for Zhou Mi activities and Variety shows!! 😀

  2. OMG, Henry will be in “army” too, a little bit worried but I believe he’ll be fine.
    Cant wait to watch it and cant wait to see what the other members said bout it^^

  3. i liked the first one, but people only subbed the first ep TT.TT cry/
    hope this one will be more subbed, i am looking forward so much for the poor henry, i already can see he having problem in say that soldier presentation who is like a tongue twister :B
    But Henry is way unrolled (brazilian way to say someone can figure out things easily, since i cant remember the right word to say this right now XD) than Sam Hammington, so he will probably be even finer than some of the korean cast members

  4. Good luck henry!!! But did any sites subs this??

  5. Henry will be “enlisted” LOL! 😀 hehe

  6. what episode did henry start in real men?
    I want to watch it online^^

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