140204 Yesung and Zhoumi takes part in ‘S.M. The Ballad’.. Will be released on 13th

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[OSEN=Lee Hye Rin]SM’s ballad project S.M. The Ballad will release the second album ‘Breath’ on 13th.

According to SM on February 4th, 8 of SM artists have taken part in this album such as TVXQ! MAX, SuperJunior Yesung, GIRLS’ GENERATION Taeyeon, SHINee Jonghyun, f(x) Krystal, EXO CHEN, SuperJunior-M Zhoumi, Jang Ri In and so on.

This album is made up of 6 songs with a theme of ‘Breaking up’, and starting from the intro Dear…’, it contains the title song ‘’Breath’ that shows the minds of man and woman right after breaking up, ‘I Was Too Greedy’ that contains the thoughts of a man who broke up, Taeyeon’s solo song ‘Set me free’ that expressed the thoughts of a woman, and Jonghyun and CHEN’s duet song ‘The Day’ that contains story about the daily life that became different after breaking up and Krystal and CHEN’s duet song ‘When I Was When You Were’ that turned into a conversation a man and woman reminiscing the days that have gone by, who coincidentally met again after breaking up, and composed all songs in a way that they are interrelated.

Out of the listed songs, two songs were produced in Korean, Chinese and Japanese of 3 languages and Taeyeon and Jonghyun sang the Korean version of the title song ‘Breath’, CHEN and Jang Ri In sang the Chinese version and MAX and Krystal worked together on a Japanese version.

The Korean version and Japanese version of the listed song ‘I Was Too Greedy’ was sung by Yesung and Zhoumi sang the Chinese version and it is presenting different kinds of charms as different languages and different voices are mingled together even though it is the same song.

Especially, ‘I Was Too Greedy’ that Yesung sang is a song that he recorded before going to the army and it is expected that it will receive high amount of interests from the fans as they are able to meet Yesung’s deeply appealing vocal in a long time.

Source: Osen & SM Entertainment
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  1. Zhou Mi!!! ❤ Although he only is singing the Chinese Version of Blind i hope he can get more spotlight!

  2. Finally a chance that i hope it will change many things

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