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I told him “I’m going back tomorrow”( actually I just came today though….)
He said ” Good Bye” loudly, in English.
It was very loud as if he really wanted me to “bye” immediately.
So I think I expressed kinda sad face, then said ” ah~~ good-bye” too.
He looked at me , and added “See You Again!!” Loudly in English.
He was so kind^^ and really in English mood today. Other my friends were also told “good bye”.

He took order before leaving again since there were many fans.
He wore a scarf and a jacket, it was obvious that he would be leaving soon. But I couldn’t help ordering as a last time, then I told him “are you going back to home now?”
He answered “yes”
He looked in hurry for taking order.
I apologized ” I’m sorry for ordering now”( 지금 주문해서 미안해요.)
But he smiled and said ” No, it’s OK. I have a plenty of time. (아니야 괜찮아요. 시간이 있어요.)
Ah~ he is really polite and considerable for even such a tiny fan like me.
When he was leaving, he waved a hand to fans, and put his hand on a kid’s head. ^^

As we heard that yesung had gone to musical,we totally gave up meeting him at MR. But suddenly he showed up around 20:00. we were so surprised!Our mind was like a roller coaster. It made us more nervous at ordering !

I ordered mug cup to yesung , but only defective products were left.
Even that, I was ok because it would be souvenir to my friend who is yesung fan. I thought she won’t have any complaints on MR products because she is a big fan of yesung.
Then I told yesung ,
“Anything ok with me, cuz it’s souvenir to my friend!”
He just turned at yemom, and repeated exactly what I told him.
It was very cute!
He was going to sell it to me, but jongjin was very strict CEO style, he worried about selling defective products. So he didn’t let me buy it. Hahaha
I bought a Christmas tumbler in stead of it.
Yemom told me “ah~ it’s more expensive than mug cup though”
She is very kind…..
Yedad was about to pass it to me, but yesung prevented yedad from doing, and took it by himself and gave it to me, as if he really knew it will be privilege of buying products from him. ^^
I like MR when yesung is surrounded by his warm family !

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  1. Thanks for the fan account.

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