Siwon Weibo Update: [Translation Link] – From 140119

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Compilation: 140117 ‘Police Story’ Movie Premiere with Siwon

translation of link siwon posted on weibo:

Headline: jackie chan gave siwon a big hug and a kiss, “siwon laughed shyly”

On 17 jan, there was a red carpet event in seoul for jackie chan’s new movie “police story 2014”.

Jackie chan is back in korea after about a year to promote his new movie. Super junior’s siwon was also at the red carpet to receive jackie chan.

When jackie chan saw siwon, he was really happy and went over to hug siwon tightly. Also, jackie chan planted a kiss on a very lucky siwon. However, when siwon received the kiss, he was so surprised that he started laughing, hence attracting some attention.

When netizens saw the photos, they were like, “siwon looks like jackie’s son”, “jackie’s smile at siwon looks so fatherly”, “so envious of siwon”, “jackie, you are scaring the kid”, “siwon gets shy?”, etc

Credit: Choi Siwon
Translation By: Super Junior WWELFS@WorldwideELFs

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