140120 OFFICIAL, ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’ Musical with Kyuhyun [62P+DL]

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Compilation: ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’ Musical with Kyuhyun

Credit:as tagged
Reupload and Posted by: 
 HyukjaeAbss (www.sup3rjunior.com)

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kyuhyun (36)

kyuhyun (41)


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  1. Honestly , they look good together 🙂 😦

  2. I’m died

  3. andwaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Thats??????? Eeeeennggggg,,i’m mean is it really touched?????? Oo Ouw!!

  5. I really don’t like the fact that I think they look good togather -_-

  6. Well, considering that they’re both intelligent, talented, mature thinkers and very attractive, SeoKyu are really perfect for each other so this musical is like a glimpse of how they’ll deal with each other in a virtual set-up.

    Now let me just go to a corner and weep… T_T lol

  7. >_<
    i don't have a problem if he kissed thousand girl in this world but not Seo
    i don't know why but she the most idle girl i hate
    i really can handle seeing him kissing her T_T
    that hurt my feelings T_T
    AND they DON"T look good together, i prefer the women from last performance

    • i’m a seomate, and i also hate kyuhyun with her
      i agree, they dont look together U.U

  8. Thank God! Didn’t touched!! Can see very obvious from the video, the pictures are just angle problem

  9. perfect .. they are really look good together ~ ^^

  10. i don’t care what people say but i am so happy.thank god!

  11. Oh God…aigooo

  12. i don’t know why but i don’t like it !
    not Seohyun… there is just something with this girl that i don’t like and i’m not a SNSD hater or something like that because i like some SNSD members.
    i don’t know she always seems to act cute, she seems fake to me.
    but anyway even if i don’t like it, it’s not gonna change anything and it’s not a big deal since it’s just acting and i want to support Kyuhyun’s work.
    the only thing who bothers me is that SeoKyu shippers will boast around for at least 1 year with that and they are just so annoying already.
    Dispatch, i’m just counting on you for YongSeo’s dating news (not even a fan of YongSeo but SeoKyu shippers will shut their mouths for good at least)

    • sorry if we SeoKyu shippers have annoyed you in anyway possible…
      I respect each and every word you said, but… Seohyun DID NOT ALWAYS ACT CUTE.
      she’s terrible at it, and she acted THE LEAST CUTE among all her other unnies. even SNSD (including Seo) have admitted it, okay? there’s a reason why people call her ‘SeoBot’
      read this, will you?

  13. Anticipating Kyuhyun’s long-awaited scandal… ^^ Anyway, the storyline seems nice, I would love to see Kyuhyun performing it live.

  14. lol why are people her so sad ? it’s acting guys !
    not even once i have ever thought these two had something going on.
    If it was the case SM would hide it instead of showing it to every fans’ faces.
    plus the kiss looks more like a peck, you know the kind you give to children.
    i just hope they will hit daebak with this musical as singers.
    but don’t worry too much, these two are nowhere to be found dating, not enough chemestry.
    lol if i were you i would be more worried about Lina or the other girl he will be acting with because Kyuhyun’s type is rather older and less known women 🙂

    • *here

  15. cute couple, I guess…. even when I looking at the photos, I always staring at the gown Seohyun’s wearing. hehehehe… not focusing on the kissing :p
    anyway, their voices match good. better than in the Tple couple

  16. why ? huhuhu ;_;
    usually he would at least turn his back and didn’t make the kiss scene this-obvious T^T

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