SMTOWN WEEK “Treasure Island” – Donghae’s Speech (During Choir Performance) – From 131228

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Compilation: 131228/29 SMTOWN WEEK “TREASURE ISLAND” with Super Junior

Dear Members, I’m really glad.Dear members, do you remember? On the 26th of November in 2005, Super Junior was brought to the world.Dear members, do you remember? On 26th of May on 2006 , when our beloved maknae Cho Kyuhyun joined us and we became one (family).Dear members, do you remember? On 25th of June on 2006, because of the support of our fans, we’ve got our first year award.We are always thankful and loving you, but we’ve all been through hard times…. Kangin hyung….

Source: ttankkoming
Translation by: 
SJ-Empire ‏@SJ_empire
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  1. 26th of November 2005? Isn’t it just 6th of November 2005?

    • That’s what I thought.

  2. what is kangin hard times?
    im still new …dont really know what happen
    can someone kind enough to explain to me

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