131227 Ryeowook Twitter Update: E.L.F thank you..

December 27, 2013 at 7:45 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Pictures/Videos, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 5 Comments

In this late hour, Super Junior’s rehearsal starts !! E.L.F., thank you.. And love you ♥

Source: Ryeo Wook ‏@ryeong9
Translated By: Nksubs@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by lovekyu7


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  1. They work really hard, I hope ELF can show their biggest support and their loudest scream tomorrow.
    Today, theres a lot of things that makes me angry and cry bcoz my love for SJ. Starting from knowing SM didnt say anything till its already late bout the releasing of Blue World on Melon and others (but they have time to tweet bout other group selling) till when I’m reading the heartbreaking fanacc about SS5London in tumblr.
    I’m so sad that eventho’ I love them so much, I cant do much for them T___T

  2. something happens that I do not know to SJ????? I’m a little off lately, because I’m too busy with college and my job. I have been concerned to read your comment

    • Hahaha sorry if I did, am just so emoo yesterday.
      It started when I read this tumblr http://t.co/vN6iwwym78 then knowing that Blue World is releasing on music site without SM notice to the world till few hours later (like 3-4 hours). Am already too upset with lack of promotion that SM had with EunHae single so when they tweet about other group album selling record rather than inform ELF bout the releasing info first I’m just really sad… I thought I already get used to how SM treat our boys but apparently not 😥

      • I don’t knew that Blue World is already in stores. I, and many fans are really indignant at SM for countless reasons.

        I think the elf should create a platform to support SJ, to claim that SM treat us as we deserve.For that SM to know the amount of fans that SJ have and how strong our support.

        I think that SJ also benefit it when they have to negotiate a new contract. If SM knows the amount of fans and support that SJ has, they will offer them better conditions of contract.

        I THINK IT IS A GOOD IDEA, but I have no time to manage it. I need support.

        • Many ELF alr know thats how SM treat our boys and SM wont bother by it. SM even blocking many elf now from their twitter account so…

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