131226 Ryeowook, Eunhyuk’s surprising cake gifts.. Infinitely ‘Touched’

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[OSEN=Kim Sara]Ryeowook, a member from SuperJunior, took a picture that contains the moment when he was touched by putting cake boxes in front of him.
On the morning of December 26th, Ryeowook uploaded a posting on his Tweeter saying, “SuperJunior Eunhyuk has coolly used money to buy stuff! Happy Christmas cake! For the listeners of ‘SuperJunior’s KISS THE RADIO’, he bought all these using his own money, wow, what is wrong with him~ I love you Lee Hyuk Jae (Eunhyuk)! Milky Lee Hyuk Jae” and posted a picture along with it.

In the revealed picture, Ryeowook is standing behind lots of cake boxes. He is shown making a smile with a facial expression as if he was deeply touched while holding cakes in both of his hands.

When people saw this, they said “The cake is really a bomb”, “There are really a lot of cakes, how many cakes will there be” and “Ryeowook is cute” and are showing their reactions.

Meanwhile, Ryeowook is in charge of KBS 2FM ‘SuperJunior’s KISS THE RADIO’.

Source: Osen
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