131214 Mir and Shindong to host ‘Beatles Code 3D’!

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131211 Shindong Instagram and Twitter Update: Beatles Code 3D !!

131211 MBLAQ’s Mir and Shin Dong Yup To Join Shindong As MCs of ‘Beatles Code 3D’

131211 Shidong

Super Junior Shindong, MBLAQ’s Mir, Shin Dong Yup and Soran‘s Ko Young Bae are confirmed to be the new panel of host for the upgraded ‘MNET’s Beatles Code 3D’.

The four new MCs had their first filming on December 11 with their first guests, 2NE1 and DJ Doc. It’ll premiere on December 24 at 11PM KST. Prior to that, a special prologue will air on December 17.

Are you excited to see the new combination of these MCs?

Source: Mnet ‏@MnetKR & Daily K Pop News
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  1. yes ! excited 🙂

  2. Why Mir? Is he funny? -.-
    I love the two guys who are always competing in the bottom last for ideal guy choices….they’re funny.

    • Mir is a sincere and 4D kid, alwayoften says unpredictable things. 🙂 And I love Shin Dong Yup too, but I have to admit I don’t know the 4th member…
      Anyway, wonderful cast makes me excited too!

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