131214 Donghae on the Brooklyn Bridge (NYC) [1P]

December 14, 2013 at 2:50 pm | Posted in Donghae, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 15 Comments

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131214 Donghae Twitter and Instagram Update: Good Morning NYC

Meeting Donghae in New York City [Fan Account] – From 121313

Credit: unknown, Shared by: レア ‏@Beyond_rea83
Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.com)

131214 Donghae


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  1. was the one taking donghae’s pic a fan or his companion?

  2. So I’ve heard this rumour that Donghae is apparently in new york with someone called Lee Sagan who is said to be his girlfriend? Anyone knows or heard anything about it?

    • Oh really he is having girlfriend?

    • I don’t know if he is with that girl, but definitely i think he’s in NY with someone!! XD
      And if he really has a girlfriend, i’m going to be really glad for him and hope he’s very happy!!! ^^

    • Owh, that lee sagan, x-gf of bae yong jun is the same person? She’s pretty! but she’s in her 30s yr old if i’m not mistaken?

    • Lee Sagan or not. If Hae is really with his girlfriend in NYC, then I am really happy for him. 😀

    • I believe Lee Sagan is also one of the directors for the new EunHae MV. One of Hae’s previous instagram said that he’s with Lee Sagan director and xxx director in London. EunHae was filming new MV things in London. With that said, it does not mean she cannot be his girlfriend. I checked out a few of her pictures and she’s pretty; Hae’s type. Again, not matter what I’m happy for Hae 🙂

    • If i am not mistaken, Lee Sagan is not donghae’s girlfriend, as far as what I’ve heard from other sources, she is going out with someone else whom is DH friend, i think. Another things, is that there are endless possibilities as to who he might be in NY with, it could be his gf, friends, maybe his brother with his gf, or this girl can be someone who passed by and and he asked her to take a pic for him. Either way and as much as i love him, i hope he is happy 🙂

      • Oh, so she’s a director. Didn’t really know anything about her, Just that in spanish or mexican fandom (it was written in spanish) people seemed to be really sure that she was his girlfriend. Only thing I found out was that she’s rather old.
        Anyway I think you’re right, there are indefinite possibilities as to who he is with. A friend of mine actually heard from other ELF’s that his girlfriend is half japanese half black and lives in nyc.
        I just thought that maybe anyone here knew something or at least knew how people even were so sure he went with his girlfriend, cause fan accounts always said that he was alone. Kinda confusing to me.
        Anyway I hope he’s got a nice time over there.

        • Well I’ve never heard about that rumor of her being Half-Japanese half black and lives in NY, but there is another one that she is Filipino and he goes to visit her once in a while. You see, there are endless rumors,and honestly some of them are quite silly, you can’t really believe anything ‘cuz not one actually knows anything. When a rumor starts, by the time it gets to you, it has stuff from 100 other rumors lol, they are all mixed up. Just like some were saying they had seen him in NY with Sandara park, when in reality she was in Korea doing music shows promoting 2NE1 new single.

          • Oh okay, haven’t heard that one yet.
            I just wish they would just be honest and say that he’s dating and happy. I mean I understand if he wouldn’t want to reveal her identity, cause I heard some of his fans are kind of mean ( like sending death threats and so on to the girlfriends, even without them being confirmed).

            The thing that I would consider really cruel would be if he is actually dating all this time while going on variety shows talking about how lonely he is and how much he wants to have a girlfriend, cause in my eyes that would be deceiving. Then he better shouldn’t even bring up that topic.
            He would probably break the one or other Elfs heart if he’d say he was dating, but it’d be better for them to know. I mean it’ll happen sooner or later anyway. After all bad news stop you for a little while, but then you’re forced to deal with it and move on, but hope and uncertainty are paralysing.
            Anyway I wanna really thank you for giving me that little insight and I’m sorry for rambling.

            • I’ve thought about that as well, him saying he feels lonely yet he has a gf?! But since we don’t really know if he really is dating anyone, i am going to trust him. Honestly, I will probably feel sad if he or any of them come out and say that they are in a relationship, but i will try and be happy for them, after all they deserve to be loved and be with someone else.
              Don’t worry you haven’t been rambling, on the contrary it has been very nice talking to you ^-^

  3. I know i’m just a fan and not suppose to feels this way..
    I don’t want any of sj to be alone forever, i do want them to be happy..
    But still i have to admit, knowing you likes someone tht obviously you can’t have is really pathetic and hurting like hell..
    I’m sorry my fellow elf, i just need to let this out just once x| i know i’m a bit insane >< kkk

    • You are not elone :’)

  4. You are not alone :’)
    I feel that too…
    Though I do really love Eunhyuk oppa and other member of course, I want them to be happy. And I can’t wait to see them announce their ‘real’ girlfriend and getting married. ^^

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