Seohyun and Kyuhyun to Star as the Leads in the Musical Version of ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ – From 131128

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Wondered how the hit MBC drama The Moon That Embraces the Sun would look as a musical? Well, the wait is over. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and SNSD’s Seohyun will star as the two leads King Lee Hwon and Yeon Woo.

A spokesperson from the musical shared, “I am expecting Kyuhyun and Seohyun to show a sorrowful love different from the drama and the premiere. They hold a special interest not only in Korea but also in other Asian countries.”

Believe it or not, this musical had debuted back in June with 33 original songs. Looking forward to what Kyuhyun and Seohyun will bring to the stage!

Source: Ningin
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  1. Way to go about Kyu’s oh-so-desired scandal, is it? 😀 Well, soon we’ll see.

  2. Kyute…

  3. I don’t know what i feel now. I hope kyuhyun will be paired with other actress musical, but if Kyuhyun with Seohyun are the best to be actor and actress in that musical, I will continue to support them. :)))

  4. no thanks.
    i ‘m tired of SM trying to feed us with SeoKyu.
    why doing that ? to piss off fans ?
    anyway i know he will do well since he is a great musical actor so i will support him.

    • I think yes, SM doing that for pissing off fans,especially ELF,as if keep pushing their new toy into this fandom to make us support them not enough,they come up with this..I don’t need this SM,I need SJ korean album..

  5. Yes! Love SeoKyu! They both are very talented and i am sure they will do great! But i hate how people are saying that SM are feeding this couple to us. First, the artists themselves have to audition for a role in the musical and second Kyuhyun and/or Seohyun does not have to agree to do the Musical, and third it was not SM’s doing to purposely pair the two together, becauase it is the Musical Director who chosen and makes final decisions to who will make the cut, every artists no matter how talented they may be will have to audition for the part. Also, the director even stated he feels that these two will make a good pair for the parts. And on top of everything else, a lot of fans actually really like these two together, many do not know but there is a huge fanbase of Seohyun and Kyuhyun. The main haters/anti’s or the ones the hard core SONEs and/or the hardcore ELFs. Personally, i like them together they have great harmony.

  6. seokyu??? how about no…but oh well i will support these two anyway because I love seohyun and kyuhyun, just not seokyu!!!

  7. I will Support KyuHyun! Only support KyuHyun at this Musical ! ^^b

    but BIG NO for SeoKyu!! Why not with other artist eoh?
    I’m tired with SME, this is so bad fun.. haha

  8. Why do i keep thinking SM doesnt really trust kyuhyun to get a better pairing in term of vocal. Seohyun’s voice is nice but in my opinion her skill is mediocore, doesnt really match with kyuhyun’s skill. Im dying to see him to get pair with superb vocal like taeyeon or else. I swear i’d leaping with joy if that happen! So again for this musical i’ll support him but sorry im not that excited. The female lead just turn me off.

    • A big yes to Taeyeon.

  9. Hey ladies cool down. If you’re a Kyuhyun supporter then it really doesn’t matter who is his partner. I know a lot of you doesn’t support/ hate the pairing for whatever reason but could you just give them a chance ? I mean all we’ve seen is them singing together not a long interaction like this play then maybe like the director or who ever said that they would be good. They, the production people knows. Give them a chance. Don’t think of the pairing just think of them as separate actors who happen to be playing the part and support who you like most.
    I am just glad that Kyu will be in another different play. I love the tv production so I look forward to the musical. Can’t wait to see you in full costume. A musketeer, a doctor, a pilot, a teacher and now a prince/king, can’t wait. 🙂

    • Agreed ^.~
      I’m super happy that Kyuhyun got another role which is different from what we’ve seen before. And I want to see him on stage again~

  10. first: I’m really happy that he will act again and we will see him on stage again But I’m really worried about him doing so many activities with nonstop, it will makes him really tired he needs a break…
    second: that SeoKyu thing is really pissing me off .. why sm pushing them to be a couple? why they so insisted on this?
    i actually don’t care about girls generation, i don’t like them but i don’t hate him.. but seohyun is the most female idol that i hate and most Elfs do..
    so why SM wants to put the fans in such a position?
    i wouldn’t be really mad if it was Yoona, Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyoun or any another girl.. it would be more normal.. but this looks like teasing the fans only,,


    i’ll support Kyu where ever he is or whatever he do but sorry i can’t support Seohyun moreover that i hate her, she is not that good to take a lead in a musical with Kyu.. i really wished if it was another vocal maybe Taeyoun

  11. first, i feel really happy for both of them, they both have good voice as they are the lead vocal in their own group. and i love the drama. as an elf myself i never know why there are many (not all) elf really hate one, two, or all of snsd member. they are not disturbing someone,killing people or something.i know its your own right to say that you hate them, me too have someone that i dont like. but, i think its rude to say it if their friends, family, parents, or even themself read this, imagine if it were you that got all the hate even you never do something wrong. its better if you comment about the musical, not your hate to one of the lead ( or the drama or something) cause we all are human that have the same creater.

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