131124 [Star of the Week] The Super Junior-Owned Businesses You Want to Hit Up

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Singers. Actors. Comedians. And now businessmen.

After being under the limelight since 2005, the Super Junior members have saved enough money to start out their own little projects on the side, opening stores, restaurants, and cafes.

Not all the members have their own businesses, but for the ones that do, their places have become must-go-to places for fans when visiting Korea.

Choi Siwon’s Twosome Place

Although this one was only a pop-up and isn’t there anymore, we decided to include it anyways,

Choi Siwon opened up a Twosome Place cafe right in the smack of Myungdong, one of the busiest shopping districts in Korea. As the area attracts a lot of tourists, as well as hallyu fans, it was a brilliant idea for Choi Siwon to open up a branch right there.

For those who missed out, the Twosome Place is said to have been covered with large posters of Choi Siwon’s brilliant face.

Heechul’s Sister’s Heestory

Now, this one isn’t technically run by Heechul, but he does visit quite frequently, as well as the other Super Junior members.

Run by his older sister, Kim Hee Jin, HeeStory, previously known as Kstory, is located in Myungdong, another excellent choice, as the hallyu-theme cafe sell many K-pop related products.

It’s said a lot of stars go there for interviews with reporters and there are signatures to prove it.

Yesung’s Mouse Rabbit

Run by Yesung’s mother and younger brother, Mouse Rabbit is the place to hangout.

Located near Konguk University, the cafe proves to very cozy, perhaps because it’s family-run. As it’s not a franchise of any sort, the cafe includes uniquely made cups, distinct furniture, and beautiful decorations set up all around the cafe from bottom floor up.

Also, Yesung visits the cafe a lot, especially now that he’s serving his military time at a district office. So yes, if you’re in the area, go there and maybe you’ll spot Yesung.

Shindong’s DraQra PC Castle

Loving computer games, Shindong decided to just open up a PC bang, or computer cafe, to make some money.

Shindong’s DraQra PC Castle, since it opened up in 2011 has gained much success and profits as Shindong started to pull some strings with a business mind.

He appeared on several shows, explaining that he doesn’t make a lot of money from the actual running of the computer cafe, but mostly on the food that customers order.

Shindong explained that he usually stimulates customers into ordering food by using all sorts of tactics, and most of the time, it works!

Donghae’s Grill 5 Taco

If you follow Donghae on Twitter, you know about Donghae’s newly opened Grill 5 Taco restaurant in Apgujeong, because tacos, tacos, tacos are all Donghae talks about these days.

He opened it up in September and has been doing his best to promote it to everyone in the SNS world. We believe it’s working for the most part, since the Super Junior members have visited, other celebrities have visited, and tons of fans have visited.

Donghae also drops in from time to time, so if you’re ever craving for some Mexican food, go get some TCs from Donghae’s Grill 5 Taco.

Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, and Sungmin’s Kona Beans

Teaming up as a subunit (sorta), Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, and Sungmin joined forces to open up a Kona Beans cafe in Apgujeong.

While they chipped into open the cafe, the people who actually run the place are their mothers, who are said to be absolutely delightful to all the customers. They walk around the cafe and talk to all the fans visiting, even taking pictures with them.

Then occasionally, these mothers hire some really handsome part-timers to take over the counter, if you get what we mean.

Eunhyuk’s Tous Les Jours

Being the awesome son that he is as well, Eunhyuk opened up a Tous Les Jours bakery for his mother.

The bakery, located in Guro, is like any other Tous Les Jours in Korea, except for that fact that its walls are covered with pictures of Eunhyuk and have long lines of fans waiting when Eunhyuk is working from time to time.

It’s a party when the hot part-timer comes in, so make sure to follow the bakery’s twitter. They drop hints all the time.

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  1. question : are sj really idols ? xD
    anyway, like that they are sure to survive even without music *just kidding*
    maybe one day, i’ll have a chance to see them there :”)

  2. You left out yesung’s Y style (Why style). I am not sure that donghae is still opening coffee shop in Taiwan.

    • Actually, Donghae’s cafe in Taipei, Taiwan is still around :). I was lucky enough to go this summer!

  3. only Super Junior can do like this!

  4. the last man standing : Kim Ryeowook 🙂

    • hhaahaha, you’re right. Just wait until he’s opening his own business, and Super Junior become Super Businessman Junior

    • love your comment..am waiting what kind of business he’ll do..=)

  5. WOW WOW WOW Its super junior power,i know they got a lot of money just from being a idol but they use their money in a good way.Its better than wasting it.Suju oppa is really are hardworking man.I’m proud of them..I hope i can visited their shop someday…

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