JTBC ‘War of Words’ with Heechul [transcript] – from 131121

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JTBC ‘War of Words’ with Heechul [Cuts] – from 131121

Korean women will admit frankly if they had plastic surgery but they will definitely not tell others if they had breasts enlargement surgery….. but recently the young ones have been growing well.

Girls might like SNSD’s Seohyun because she is very slim, like a model but the boys don’t think like that. Sistar’s Bora has a good figure. When I look at girls, I don’t look at the face first. I will start from her hips then scan upwards.

Credit: 初见希loveheenim

To me I think plastic surgery is a personal desire. When I entered the hospital for a nose injury, I wanted the doctor to make nose higher but the doctor said there is no need for that. But I think my nose is really lower than before. Although people around me told me it’s looks fine, I still think it will be better if it’s higher.

Before SJ’s debut, we talked about our roles before. Leeteuk will be Yoo Jae-suk, Kangin will be Kang Hodong, I will be Shin Dong-yup but my style is more of a twisted type.

Credit: 中国百度金希澈吧

Translated by: Mikolah@Luv_Opera
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by: firnia



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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. Then Kyuhyun is Kim Gura? LOL

  3. Thanks for the transcript.

  4. i think its sooyoung not seohyun

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