131122 Super Junior’s Heechul Admits to Getting Nose Surgery

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Talking about Korea′s obsession with cosmetic surgery, Super Junior’s Heechul revealed that he’s received surgery on his nose.

On November 21’s broadcast of jTBC’s Ssulzun,, Heechul stated, “I broke my nose after falling, so I ended up getting surgery on it.”

But unlike the hope of getting a higher nose bridge, Heechul added that his nose is now a lot lower than before.

“It’s people’s own greed when they overdo it with the plastic surgery,” said Heechul. He explained why he got a lower nose, even though he expected it to be higher. “I asked the doctor to give me a higher nose bridge, but the doctor was more into finding the best balance for it.”

He explained that it′s people′s personal satisfaction that makes them go overboard with plastic surgery. “All the made-up beauties in Gangnam look like that because of their own greed. Doctors don′t do surgeries like that.”

“I still look at the mirror and think, ‘Only if my nose was a little higher,” continued Heechul. “No matter how many people around me say it’s okay, I still think it.”

After hearing Heechul’s confession, viewers commented, “Heechul is really honest,” “Lots of celebrities get their nose done,” “His nose is lower now? It′s still pretty high,” and “His nose is fine even now.”

Source: Mnet enewsworld
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  1. i didnt know!!!!

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