131120 ISSports Interview with Heechul [3P+Translation]

November 20, 2013 at 3:29 am | Posted in Heechul, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 24 Comments

You recently did a cosplay event at Incheon airport for Super Junior Debut 8th anniversary. How do you feel about 8th anniversary?

“I don’t feel anything. In 5th anniversary, I felt surprised, ‘Wa! We endured 5 years’, but I feel nothing about 8th anniversary. If you look at couples, it’s the first 100 days, 200 days anniversarys that are important and 3rd 5th anniversary aren’t as important. I think it’s same logic as that. We’ve been through a lot of trials, so I do think many times about ‘how many more years will Super Junior go on?’. The conclusion we came up with is ‘If we trust in each other, we’ll be able to (go on) till we grow old and die’. There are many groups that disband because they couldnt trust each other, or have a dispute with their company. How long we’ll be able to continue depends on our faith (in each other). Members know that well.”

-Are there any rules members have to keep the trust?

“Yes. We promised not to get tangled in ‘woman’ problems. If a member were to say ‘she’s cute’ while watching TV, another member cannot approach her even if (the first member) weren’t going to date her. It may sound weird, but to be honest, the girl’s opinion doesn’t matter. Even if she likes another member, for us, the first person to choose has the authority. We also talk about ‘let’s not make troubles/accidents.’ But I think that’s hard to control as a human.”

-Goal as Super Junior, and a personal goal?

“Cool side? New music? I don’t need any of those. I just wish Super Junior will continue for a long time. We’ve already done ‘cool’ and ‘cute’ as much as we wanted. We’ve been ‘Presidents of Elementary Kids’ with ‘Miracle’, and have experienced global popularity with ‘Sorry Sorry’. Now our goal is for Super Junior to have activities for a long time. (All) Members can renew their contract with the company, or not. But that’s not what’s important to us. No matter what the situation is, we don’t want to fight with each other, and continue working happily for a long time. Even if Super Junior isn’t able to do activities, I want to keep the relationship with members. I’ve been through everything with the members since I was little. I don’t even want to imagine parting from members who knows me the best. I may not be the best singer yet, but I’ve done everything I’ve wanted. So I don’t have a personal goal. I wish Super Junior would continue enjoying doing activities, for a long time.”

Source: ISSports
Translated by: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by MiSS CHIPSMOREHyukie 


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  1. “How long we’ll be able to continue depends on our faith in each other”… love this<3 SUJU fighting!!!

  2. “I wish Super Junior would continue enjoying doing activities, for a long time.”

    Me Too …

  3. thanks for the translation

  4. I just wish Super Junior will continue for a long time. And I’ll be ELF untill the end

  5. Kim Heechul-nim! I think my respect for Heechul is getting more and more.
    How could those questions get better answers than these…?
    and i’m both tearing and nodding while read whole article :’)

  6. Aww ❤

  7. Trust and Faith is the key for success. Really hope they will stick together till the end

  8. Heechul Oppa now is very humble and honest. He thought of super junior as his second home. Big Salute for our Space Big Star. His Loyalty to super junior makes me almost cry TT__TT.

  9. Aww Heenim. Even though his actions kind of speak the opposite but he truly cares and believes in his members.
    Thank you Heenim for saying what ELF had always wanted to hear.
    SUPER JUNIOR is love and I love you.

  10. aaaargghhhh… cry ++

  11. I love u more ❤ ❤ ❤

    Can't contain my feels this moment!! The best.. 🙂
    Thank you sooo much.. 🙂
    Saranghae Hechul oppa.. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. He is my first love in Super Junior ^^

  13. really want to read the whole interview translation please cuz i read some very touching part aside from this…Hee’s life as public service officer is also been a topic and it is a bit depressing 😦 ………….anyway, Hee’s back for good 🙂

  14. My wonderfull boys :’)

  15. ” Even if Super Junior isn’t able to do activities, I want to keep the relationship with members.”
    i agree because Super Junior is not about the music group itself but about the friendship between the members. If one day they announce that the group will disband, it will be hurtful but as long as they stick together as a family i’m ok with that.
    i know sometimes it sounds cheesy and delusional to say “i will stay an ELF forever” because truth is, life goes on and we will all experience different steps in our lives like getting married, having kids etc… and these steps could prevent us from sticking to Super Junior but i really think we will be with them until the end.
    i have loved a lot of things when i was a teenager, tv series, groups etc and forgot about it after some time but i know that i won’t be able to move on from Super Junior. They are just my family now and as long as the members will stay together i hope that ELF will stay with them too.

    • Excuse me while I cry in the corner :’)

    • love ur comment.. it’s make me teary T__T

  16. I know one day you’ll get married and have a family, I was so 🙂
    but I’m as ELF will never forget the time I admire thirteen wonderful man :^))

  17. Eventhough I said “ELF will always be together with Super Junior” but actually life goes on. U will never know the next day you will be having kids and a family. But i will always keep the fact that I have met the fifteen men and gone through my teenager years as an ELF. One day you might be showing your child Sexy, Free & Single photo book and boast about ur bias and talk a whole day long about him. U will never Know~
    I like Heenim. He always says the hurtful truth but its sweet. The fact that he want to continue his friendship with the members. Truthfully, he has accomplished what he wants or his goals. its the time to live happily with family. Sorry but i wish the members to get married SOON! i want to see little SUJU!

    • Sorry not goals* His goal or our wish is to Super Junior to be together.

  18. thanks 4 translation

  19. Oh my ~~ this is touching me so deep!! TT﹏TT
    I just wanna cry now..
    I hope they will everlasting forever till they grow old and die. And Me, I’ll aways be an ELF who really love SJ so much till the end of my life…
    Keep the faith oppa! 사랑해 ♥

  20. Crying… Oh Heechul, you crazy man… but you do say the most touching and thoughtful stuffs.

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