Super Junior’s Super Show 5 Visited South America, Mexico, And London: Why Did The Tour Completely Avoid The United States? – From 131112

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Super Show 5 visited England, Mexico, and South America, but neglected the United States.SM Entertainment’s Super Junior recently completed successful shows in Mexico and London, following the commemoration of eight years since the group’s debut. As opposed to Girls Generation, Super Junior has yet to release a full English language album. Regardless of this fact, Super Junior’s albums Mr. Simple and Sexy, Free, & Single have both reached the number three spot on Billboard’s Top World Chart. Did SM Entertainment make a mistake by not sending the male group to America for Super Show 5?

On September 4th of 2010, SM Town made a stop in Los Angeles, California. The performance was the first of what would be two U.S. Performances in the SM Town ’10 World Tour. Significantly, the tour ended after 11 worldwide performances at New York City’s grandiose Madison Square Garden. The performances of SM Entertainment artists, including Super Junior, at Madison Square Garden were filmed for the musical documentary, I AM. The next major performance for SM Town in the United States was for SM Town Live World Tour III which took place on May 20th of 2012, in Los Angeles.

In recent years, the artists SM Entertainment has marketed to the United States have been those with members who have the strongest English speaking skills.

Super Junior has performed as part of SM Town in the United States, however, have not appeared stateside for Super Show. With the recent announcement of the week long SM Town festival in Korea, it is apparent that SM Entertainment is gearing up for another family tour. Will Super Junior perform in the United States as a group outside of SM Town or do audiences in the United States need to prepare to travel outside of the country to see them?

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  1. I’m still hoping they’ll go to US. Is it final that no US?

  2. omfg yess bless this article! They seriously should come here, and its so damn obvious sm is avoiding sending sj here ;__; But though, as an ELF I dont want them to debut in the US or anything..the way they’re promoting is good. I’m scared they’ll lose their charm once they promote here or somthing

  3. It is a WORLD Tour, basically SuJu has been to every part of the world except Australia, Russia and THE UNITED STATES (which is like the 3rd most populated country! They really have to visit US!)

  4. I hope , really really hope to see them here in the US, just the group.
    IF I win the lottery I will talk to SM to help co produce them here if that’s what they need so us, US ELFs can enjoy them for a whole show not just for a bit only:))
    A dollar and a dream and that dream is SJ. Wouldn’t that be great?

  5. US ELF deserved to have ss5 too, why sm?why?

  6. i know everyone in america request for ss5 in their place…but for once think about the boys too…
    dont you think they are tired?
    from one supershow to another….they do not have enough rest…
    please wait until ss6 …for sure they will performed there…
    let them have some rest for this upcoming holiday please

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