131112 Kim Heechul to serve as temporary host of ‘Young Street’ ‘Is he coming back?’

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[TV Report=Moon Ji-youn] SuperJunior’s Kim Hee-cheol will serve as a temporary host of ‘Boom’s Young Street’.

A source form SBS said to TV Report on November 12, “Kim Hee-cheol will temporarily replace Boom as a host of the radio program ‘Young Street’.

When asked about the possibility of Kim Hee-cheol returning to ‘Young Street’, the source said, “Nothing is not determined yet. Today’s (Nov 12) show will be hosted by Kim Hee-cheol, but, tomorrow, the host may be changed.”

Boom announced to quit all his current posts after he was reported to have been investigated for illegal gambling. On November 11 when he made the announcement, a recorded show was aired, but it was not sure whether the radio program will continue to be aired. In the end, Kim Hee-cheol was picked as a temporary host to prevent cancellation of the show.

The source said, “We are not in a situation to tell you if Kim Hee-cheol is nominated as the host of the program. We are considering several nominees for a new host.”

Kim Hee-cheol had hosted ‘Young Street’ as a long-time popular host before he joined the military.

Source: TV Report
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