131110 Super Junior Official Facebook Update [1P]

November 10, 2013 at 1:31 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 14 Comments

Compilation: 131109 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” London

Credit: Super Junior’s Facebook
Reupload and Posted by: reneee (www.sup3rjunior.com)

Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.COM’ as well. Thank you.

131110 super junior


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  1. you know what i would have liked SM ? to see Henry and Zhoumi in that picture !!!
    it has been several years that you are encountering the same Visa problem with them, can i hope that one day you will, i don’t know, prepare things ?
    but apparently no problem to send Exo in a Super Show…
    i’m tired, i have the impression to be brainwashed by you, it’s like you want us to become Exotics. You seem afraid that we will all leave because the members will enlist one by one in the army.
    but we are still here SM and not for Exo so stop forcing them on us !
    so they came to support them, that’s nice but did they have to be on the SS5 ending photo after you screwed us big with Henry, Zhoumi and Heechul’s absence ?
    you are lucky to have Super Junior in your company or else i wouldn’t have wasted my time with you.

  2. This is a mess, people on facebook said ELF is making a big deal about Exo being there to celebrate, and said that them coming to one show wont hurt.
    But uhmm, at least get to know the situation before saying ELF are bla bla
    We ELF are mad because while they “both” get to see the concert, then what about Henry and Zhou Mi, visa problem and crap. Like what the freaking heck man, although ppl may not acknowledge Henry and Zhou Mi as SJ members but hellooooo, the are SJ-M members here.
    It just pissed me of so much how SM doesnt even try to get this stupid visa problem done so they can go on and perform, im already mad that Heechul cant perform with the group on Super Show after 2 years. We waited for him and of course will wait for other members too.
    I dont hate exo or anything but thanks for coming but no thanks, this concert is for Super Junior and ELF only. The only place where we can see they having fun, being their self, care-free and giving their all for ELF. (And on variety shows hehe)
    And btw in my opinion, i think both Henry and Zhou Mi are part of SJ members, again its MY opinion. Sorry for this long post guys, i had to rant about this.

  3. Both of the posts written above mine are my exact thoughts. Thank you guys for writing it.

    • Henry was tied up with his drama, but….they could have worked his schedule out, just like how they did with Siwon. After SMT in Tokyo…..Henry was in Korea for sometime, sure he needed a break, but he could have gone back to China to film some of his parts that he is filming now so he can join the members even for a couple of days for SS5 London at least.and take a couple of days break after. Super Show is after all a SJ priority & yes they are to so many members of this group. Unlike Zhou Mi, Henry not coming is CERTAINLY not about visa issues since he is CANADIAN, he has the same head of the commonwealth as the British, Queen Elizabeth, so visa for Henry is out of the question. Even if he is not, is it so darn impossible that SM can’t get him & Zhoumi a visa? It is just freakin’ impossible! Who the hell will bu that? Are there no Chinese nationals visiting the UK? Another thing that is unfair is SM never released anything about why these 2 members can’t come to both SS5 Mexico & UK, just like they did with Heechul. All these years and they still treat them like nobody really cared about them, that since this is a SJ show that SJ fans that they will not be missed. If they continue to treat these 2 members like this then the deserve to have their own SJM concert. Where they can sing their own songs and not be labelled as “guests”. I think the petition to make them official members of SJ should proceed regardless.

      I feel sorry for them, because I can see that they are most happy when they are performing on stage with the rest of them. At least show the fans that supports them that SM is doing their best to bring them in all the SS concerts. It is understandable if they skip SMT when they are busy, but SS is a different stage altogether.

      Sorry for the rant.

  4. I want Henry & Zhoumi to be permanent SJ members also and don’t want SME slipping in EXO members either. Agree that SME should coordinate schedules better, but know that Zhoumi is subject to China’s travel restrictions. It’s gonna be a mess when Shindong and then ’86ers go in the military…

  5. I feel sad when I saw Exo standing alongside with SJ on the stage, I mean ,,, they also can cheers at the back stage, not necessarily on the stage …. SM just want to promote exo purposely, also said henry and zhoumi couldn’t come coz of visa problem, but kris also from canada same with henry,, how do you explain this sm….. arrghhh

  6. If the situation were the other way around and this were an EXO concert and SJ were the guests, EXOtics would be so angry with SJ for trying to steal the spotlight from their beloved boys… ELFs are angry not for EXO, but because HenMi is being ignored once again for the damn SM!! >.<

  7. they could bring exo’s chinese member but not zhoumi because of his visa…..#roll eyes

    • Exo’s Kris is Canadian as well. Apparently Henry’s reason for not coming to London is not visa issues but schedules or whatever else. I mean sm has it’s understandable reasons for everything, want we or not. I have no idea about Mexican visa policy, but there mustn’t be any problem with UK visa for Chinese. The question is that Zhou Mi works for Korean company (or something else), so he might be restricted from doing some things like appearing on stage, or the time to proceed visa was overlapping the concert date. But really, idk.

      • I don’t know about Mexico – but the British visa issue for the chinese is so restricted in recent years, that is actually a political issue. However apparently thats gonna change.
        But the true is, these issues can be resolved, just needs better planning on SM side, its so hapharzed it does appear that they “can’t be assed” cos its too difficult. Such a shame, really!

  8. ELF were already pissed Henry, Zhoumi, and Heechul cant come and now they bring exo members -____-

  9. Well, I’m also pissed that Henry, Zhoumi and Heechul weren’t there, but pls don’t take it out on EXO…It seems like I’m the only one thinking so 😥
    I love SJ and I like their interactions with their hoobaes.

    • Are you sure? It seem SM pushed the boy for promoting E** all the time…and they only trying to be nice with E**..SJ too nice sometimes..

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