Super Junior at Mexico Airport [Fancam] – From 131106

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*ELFs are singing a really common song in Mexico, and you can see their faces from 1:00 on

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  1. It’s not just a popular song is the Happy Birthday song in México, they were shocked because they were +2,000 ELF, yesterday in the airport at 3pm there were 1,200 ELF waiting for them 😀 so proud of Mexican ELF *______* The security of the Airport and the SM staff took SJ from the hidden exit, you know security for the big amount of people there, but Hyukjae tweeted 😀 at least they are happy…and tired

    • By popular, I think she meant Cielito Lindo also, not just Las Mananitas.

  2. Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay…they are singing Celito Lindo.

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