131107 Super Junior in Mexico [Fan Account]

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Compilation: 131107 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Mexico

Me and another 3 friends we waiting for them in a hotel.
We arrive around 8:30 p.m. We took dinner and a friend in the airport called us to report the updates in that place.
The security at the hotel was heavy and are all over the place!!!!
We were said that we need to clear the lobby and the halls around the elevators.
We enter again in the hotel’s restaurant and the security guards closed the glass doors. And OMG!!!!! They arrived in 2 black vans.
The first was Ryeowook and Sungmin.
Sungmin looked tired but so cute!!!! and Wookie is so tiny x333
Next was Eunhyuk with a black coat and a mouth cover and I swear to God that he’s gorgeous! (sorry I’m biased lol)
Shindong passed so quickly but I think he wore a colorful jacket xD
Kyuhyun was amazingly handsome! for real! I was so amazed at his beauty!!!!! He stole my breath…but after them was Siwon.
Even my mom loves him and I don’t blame her cause he is really handsome, all in black carrying a suitcase(?) I think XD.
The last ones were Donghae and Kangin.
That’s when something unexpected happened…
Have turn his head towards me, he saw me and my friends. I waved my hand with all the energy I had. He told Kangin something and then both of them turn and saw us. They are so surprised! At this point I was dying, but then they smile and waved back at us!

OMG!!!! I still can’t believe it!
I love them and admired them for so long and even now writing this fanacc I’m in shock! They are so gorgeous and even when they tired they smiled at us!

Thank u so much SJ for visit Mexico and I can’t wait for the concert tomorrow!

Source: ›Beautiful Monst3r™ (Key_Diva) 
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  1. How lucky you are friend! Thank you for sharing precious moment of your life to us..:)

  2. MX-ELFs are really daebak!!!
    yesterday at the airport were more than 2,000 ELFs waiting for them!!! also the HT ‘welcome to mexico super junior’ was trendy topic worldwide on twitter!!! ^^

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