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Compilation: ARENA Magazine with Siwon

“You need to know the difference between what is real and what is not. Is it temporary happiness, ‘Enjoy’ or ‘Joyful’, it’s a big difference. What I am going after is ‘Joyful’. I always have this thinking ‘everything will pass’. Up and downs, all these are unimportant. We must be thankful for every moment of our lives.”


Q: Is the movie filming going smoothly?
SW: The filming in Hongkong will end soon and filming will resume in Korea somewhere next month. It’s progressing smoothly.

Q: Doing the Super Show 5 world tour together with the movie filming is unbelievable, how do you manage that?
SW: Firstly, thank you for your concern. I have prepared a lot mentally and physically. I am keeping my beard for the role in the movie so I am going on Super Show 5 stages like this.

Q: Going to and fro between the SS5 concerts and the movie filming, doing CF and other schedules, it must be hard to get into the role for you.
SW: I think the difference lies in your focus. It’s the same for movies which films for a long time. Although it seems hard to digest a schedule like that, it was my own choice to do my own activities during Super Junior’s concert tour. It’s a path I chose myself so I can only shut up and move on. (smiles)

CHOI SIWON 2013 (1)

Q: As an actor, what kind of satisfaction do you get from work?
SW: Everything can be felt from the atmosphere. After discussing with the director, I will always look at the director after finished shooting my scene. I can feel it when we exchange looks. ‘Ah, I didn’t do it badly’ feelings like this.

Q: This production comes 7 years after ‘Battle of Wits’. How does it feel like to be filming overseas with the local crew?
SW: We respect, care and trust each other. I feel really touched by their spirit here working with them, and I am learning too.

Q: While working, you can see stuff that can’t be seen with naked eyes between the people.
SW: There will be trust when there is respect and care between people and the sense of responsibility will come naturally. I feel that no matter what we do, we must do our best with a sincere heart.


Q: Super Junior debuted in 2005, this is the 8th year. Did you anticipate anything when you debuted from SM?
SW: At first I just wanted to be famous without a goal. I only did my future planning after entering the company. When I am preparing or when I do something, I see many things and meet many people whom I wanted to meet. My goals slowly become clearer. Right now, I still do planning for the far future.

Q: Among the members, you are known to be scandal-free. Is it because you have good self-management?
SW: My daily life is stable. Management… do you mean diet management?

Q: Many people say there are a lot of temptations in the entertainment industry.
SW: Isn’t it the same regardless of it’s the entertainment industry or not? I think in this world everyone faces the same temptations. Over here where there are more temptations than other places, you just need to be prepared to fend it off.


Q: You have never been ignored by the general public since debut?
SW: Grateful. There are many who fell after being popular and then got ignored by the public. I have got this thought about a year after my debut, ‘This will be pass too’. During that time we were very popular but I took it lightly instead. Ups an downs, all these are unimportant, be thankful to every moment in your life. Not so long ago, I was in Japan for a fanmeeting and I told Donghae who was beside me,”A few months ago I wouldn’t sing for just one fan, but now I will.”

Q: Did anything happened recently?
SW: Nothing special actually. I have sorted out many thoughts this year. Thinking carefully, there are many things that I should be thankful of. Not being thankful means you have too many desires. ‘Ambitious’ is different from ‘Desire’. It’s good to be ambitious but it’s bad if you have too many desires. There will be times when members fight among each other. There will be times when we don’t understand why others do certain things. But just think about it positively, I feel grateful just to be with these friends. As long as the center of my thinking remains, I believe I will not change.

Q: Super Junior was the first group to have sub-units in Korea. Over these years there were many setbacks but it looks like you all are still doing well.
SW: Overseas fans say that they get motivation and energy from our videos at the end of the day. That means our stages have positive energy. It’s the same for Super Junior, every member has their own influence. There is also competition (among us). No idea when it started but this kind of energy has become the motivation for the group to move forward. Now it’s time for Super Junior members to reaffirm each other.


Translated by: Mikolah@Luv_Opera
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by firnia


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  1. Wow…he gave so matured answer….

  2. Siwon,oppa you are very unique and also take care of your health.I always give a support for you.

  3. Mr. Choi Siwon. Really you’re such a very well organised person with such a positive mind.

  4. such a mature and humble guy love him!!

  5. Siwon…so focused…yet I like him when he’s playful, like SS 5 Manila ending. Just let it go! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

    • I love playful Siwon the most!

      • me too 🙂

      • right? I love him on chinese variety show the most! He’s so….4D LOL completely opposite when he’s on korean variety show

  6. Few more Q&A in this interview

    Q: The members seem to have reaffirm Siwon to be the ‘Handsome Man’ and there are many new singers who look up to you as idol.

    SW: I am really thankful if I am reaffirmed like that. I always live with a sense of responsibility. One of my goals is to let others know that ‘there is also an actor like this in the East’. I live with the thought of ‘the whole world is watching me’. I don’t have to eat if I am hungry at night with thoughts like these. (Laughs) When I first started working, I only have the thought of ‘I am just someone’, looking for a long-term goal while working. If people only live for their targets, they will lose it after achieving that target. If you have a bigger goal in life, you will continue to have smaller goals as you move along.

    Q: Not long ago you injured your knee but you still did the rehearsal as though it’s the real performance. What’s that energy that motivated you to continue working with a smile despite the pain?

    SW: This is the same as what I mentioned just now. Even if I feel unwell, I will still do it for one audience and the same for 70,000 audience.

    Q: Looking back at your past in Hongkong in the year 2013, what do you feel?

    SW: Doing the best for the jobs given to me. Living my life with no regrets, everything is completed like piecing the jigsaw puzzle. Right now filming the movie here, I found a new long-term target. Moving along like this, there will be good results and interesting things will happen.

    Q: Did the Choi Siwon 10 years ago imagine himself to be like this?

    SW: At that time I only look at myself, submerged in my own world and my own thinking. I had thoughts like ‘the world spins around me’. I am different now. I am Choi Siwon who lives for Super Junior, the Choi Siwon who lives for his works, the me who lives for my fans and my family.

    • thank you~

  7. He’s so positive and not everyone can be like that

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