131024 Zhoumi at Incheon Airport (to Manila) [Fan Account]

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Compilation: 131024 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Manila

[FULL FANACCOUNT] Their flight was scheduled to depart at 8:15am, at about 7:40 all members except Zhou Mi, Henry, Shindong and Siwon came through security. Because I was waiting for Zhou Mi I just watched them walk past and most of the fans ran after them 😛 at 8am the other boys were still nowhere to be seen, I started to wonder if they were actually on my flight instead but it’s a budget airline so I thought definitely not haha. Suddenly I turned around and saw Henry walking behind me, followed by Siwon. But I couldn’t see Zhou Mi anywhere so I was panicking again, some fans (not SJ fans lol, they were waiting for someone else) greeted Henry as he walked past and he nodded at them so I scooted up to him and said Hi and he said Hi back then I asked where is Zhou Mi and he just kinda blank-faced at me and didn’t say anything, so I was like okayyyy… and went to back to Siwon (who looked amazing omg movie star much, I forgot how good looking he is in real life) and I said hi and immediately asked where Zhou Mi is (yes I’m shameless Mi fan I’m sorry I was desperate lol) and he’s like ‘who??’ so I said ‘Zhou Mi!!’ and he replied ‘oh yeah he’ll be coming’ and then suddenly pointed ahead and was like ‘oh actually he’s up there’ and I’m looking ahead and couldn’t see anything so I’m like ‘eh where?’ and he pointed again and said ‘there~’ and I suddenly saw him walking way ahead with a security by himself. So I was like ‘OH RIGHT, thanks!’ and started running and Siwon is like laughing at me and said ‘yeah no problem’.

Anyway so I ran (I must have looked so dumb..) up to Mi and he was walking on the travelator thingy so I walked on the outside so I wouldn’t bother the security guy and he suddenly looked at me and I was like ‘Hi!’ And he’s like ‘oh, oh hi!’ and I can’t remember what he or I said immediately after that cos my brain went mush because he wasn’t wearing his sunglasses inside and I’m not used to talking to him while being able to see his whole face lol, but I held up my gift bag and said ‘can I give you this?’ and he’s like ‘yeah sure’ and reached across the hand rail to take it from me. I said ‘did you get to see your family in Beijing?’ And he said ‘yeah for one day’ and smiled and I was like ‘ohh just one day’ and he’s like ‘yeahh’ then I whined to him that I waited at the airport for him on Sunday and he didn’t come back lol (#badfan).
Then I remembered London SS5 so I said to him ‘will you go to London?’ and he kinda made a 😐 face and said ‘maybe….not’ and I was like ‘REALLY? But why???’ and made all kinds of distraught faces at him and he said ‘its really hard for me to get a visa so..’ and I said ‘so how about Henry?’ and he said ‘I think also.. no’ and I was just looking at him like D: and said ‘but my friends really want to see you!!’ and he just made the 😐 face again and said ‘yeah I know’. After that I really was so shocked that I didn’t know what to say, so we’re just walking along and the security got a message on his walkie talkie thing (about Shindong I think, cos I still hadn’t seen him) and he was telling Mi we had to wait and Mi was talking to him in Korean and said ‘ah… it’s ok’ and waved him away so the security ran back to the others so it was just me and Zhou Mi walking together. I didn’t know what else to say really so he suddenly asked me ‘where are you going?’ and I said ‘Manila!!’ and he’s like ‘oh really?? And then back to Korea?’ and I said ‘yeah I’m coming back tonight’ and he said ‘but what about your school?’ (confirmation he actually reads my letters lol) and I said ‘uhh I took a day off’ and he just looks at me with judging eyes and says ‘oh really? and I said ‘yeah but it’s a review day so it’s ok!’ and he just laughed and said ‘ok.’ Then we nearly reached his gate and he said to me ‘so how is Korea?’ and I said ‘it’s great, I really like it, but it’s hard to study Korean’ and he nodded and said ‘yeah it is’. Then we reached his gate and I said ‘I’m on another flight, so I’ll see you in Manila’ and he said ‘ok bye~’ and then I just stood to the sode to also see off Siwon and Henry. Siwon said something to me but the manager was in the way amd I didnt hear him so I just said to him ‘see you in Manila’ and he said bye to me also. And I said ‘bye Henry’ and waved to him and he smiled and said bye. Then I sprinted like the wind to my boarding gate at the complete other end of the airport, including taking the airport train to the other terminal >< I made it to my boarding gate about 5 minutes late and still got to board yay.

Source: Fi ☀@fibabo from Sunshine周覓@SunshineZhouMi
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by firnia

hope mimi and mochi can join SS5Mexico and SS5London


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  1. I didn’t read this fanacount cuz it was super long but why did you say ” hope mini and Hyukjae can join ss5London !! Is there’s something wrong they might not join them !!

    • she said that mimi and mochi not ‘hyukjae’ probably can’t join the boys on SS5Mexico and SS5London because of visa problem T_T

      • Henry has Canadian passport.

        • Ridiculous….SM can’t vouch for Zhou Mi that he won’t ran off an escape once they get to London? Really…are the even trying? They only need to show how many stamps Mimi has on his passport and the fact that the are travelling as a group and that there is an ad for the SS5 in UK Daily & that they are performing in Wembley arena should be enough to give him a special entry visa. send them a video of him performing…They can even ask their UK promoter to vouch for Mimi if SM reall wants Mimi to go. As for Henry, if he can’t come it for sure has nothing to do with visa, but most probably be his drama commitment.

          • Either SM or London sponsorer/promoter can provide an invitational letter for his visa application, that is plenty to guarantee his return… Of course, if his attendance isn’t SM’s priority, visa excuse is always very handy.

  2. goodness you are so lucky!!!! me, i wait my whole life just to meet them T.T probably just in my dreams…

  3. WOW you talked to them :O
    I am so happy for you and so sad that i cant do the same

  4. This is insane… 😦 Srsly, they’ve known this fking date for months! (Waaaaaay before SS5 London announced), so what’s this mess again SM?

  5. was that a fan account or a fanfic? :O I hope I could also have an encounter with SJ like that!!!! hahaha!

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