131015 Eunhyuk Twitter Update: Lee DongHaekDongHaek congratulations-haek

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Lee DongHaekDongHaek congratulations-haek


Lee Donghaetbadak (Lee Dong Tongue) chukahaet (congratulations) 이동햇바닥 축하핵

131015 eunhyuk tw update 2

Nuclear weapon(haek) DongHaek taking a selca. Congratulations-haek


Nuclear weapon(haek) DongHaek in front of a lake. Congratulations-haek


pouty Haek DongHaek, congratulations-haek


Cho Kyuhyun mwohaek (what are you doing) Haek DongHaek congratulations-haek


Lee Donghae mwohaek (what are you doing) Congratulations-haek


The end. Congratulations-haek

What kind of Haek DongHaek do you guys like? Upload the results somewhere, I’ll see it somehow

Source: Eun Hyuk ‏@AllRiseSilver
Translated by: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs
Shared at by salimahsj



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  1. what is k in lee donghaek

    • I was wondering this too.

    • haha it’s a secret only hyukjae and heechul know, we can only guess~!

    • It’s nickname Hyukjae give..since 2012 I think..and Heechul doesn’t want to share with us the reason *pouty Haek*

  2. this is donghae’s best birthday ever!!
    i am so happy with all hyukjae spamming~
    man, how many donghae’s pic that he saved in his phone, and most of all is candid 😀

  3. Ohh how i love this couple..
    happy birthday Donghae oppa..

  4. I want to see more pictures of them in Germany

  5. EUNHAE love is so cute!!!

  6. Bwahahahahahaha….. XD
    I Love the last picture !!! XD

  7. Happy birthday Lee Donghae(k)! Find your love and luck this year!
    You have a nice friend to spoil your private photos… Thanks Hyukjae!

  8. Hyukjae be hyper more than the bday boy himself lmao XD

  9. You sure have a weird way to show your love , Lee Hyukjae , kekekeke
    Cute ~ how long did you prepare for this ? LOL

  10. Hyuk was spamming his Hae’s pics so much yesterday XD Gosh this couple is so cute!! And what’s with this ‘Haek’?!? I don’t understand it at all >__> But seriously, Thanks to Hyuk for sharing all these wonderful pics ^^

  11. Why is this the cutest thing Hyukjae’s done for him asfwjafhejkltgia His trolls for Lee Donghaek are trolls for his love~ N’aww.

  12. Lee Hyukjae you are so cute ~ of course it won’t be an ordinary birthday greeting if it comes for Donghae ^^
    Someone , please make a poll for this Haek Donghaek’s thing so Hyukjae can see the result 🙂

  13. ahaha lee donghaek, mwoya?? xD lol

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