131008 Heechul Cyworld Diary Update with Eunsihae Fanfiction (Original Date Uknown)

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DongHae and Eunhyuk were lovers
They loved each other so much, everyone was jealous.

But one day,
Donghae told Eunhyuk-ee, let’s break up.
But Eunhyuk-ee loved Donghae so much
So he wasn’t able to say a word

Wasn’t able to say ‘Don’t go.’
Donghae just turned around and was leaving
And Eunhyuk wasn’t able to say anything.

Eunhyuk just followed Donghae, no plans of what to do.
And saw Donghae meet up with Siwon-ee.

Eunhyuk-ee hid, and watched the two
He was shocked but,

“I broke up with Eunhyuk-ee. Don’t touch him every again, and don’t bother him.”

“I don’t want to. How can I believe you? If you date me, I’ll believe that.”

“I only have Eunhyuk-ee”

Then, Siwon-ee grabbed some gasoline
And poured it on Donghae’s body.
Siwon-ee grew angry and
“The only ways I can believe that you broke up with Lee Hyukjae is that you date me, or die by my hands.”

Donghae said “I will die”

Then, before Siwon-ee turned on the lighter
He asked Donghae if he has any final words
Do you know what Donghae said?

“Eunhyuk-ah, close your eyes.”


It’s said Heenim just copied something that’s online, only replaced the names xD

Source: Heechul’s Cyworld
Translated by:
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by MiSS Pandahyukie OuO


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  1. i wanna read that cyworld??
    have you that link??

  2. Oh, i still remember this~! It was something Heenim posted long time ago but i don’t remember the year… Yeah, of coz, Heenim. the best fic ever~ 😛

  3. hahaha 😀

  4. LOL
    OMG the story!!!!!!

  5. OMG… i like your fanfic oppa…haha

  6. the shortest fanfic i’ve read but so it the best one!!

  7. sad story i wanna cry T-T

  8. well that’s scary…

  9. so is that mean heenim ship eunhae too?

  10. siwon cruel
    enhae so sweet
    heenim daebak 😀

  11. Right…
    Kim Heechul will always be Kim Heechul that we’ve known… -__________-“

  12. I’m so conflicted now it’s not funny. On one hand I’m like, “Errrrr…….. hmmm…..” On the other hand I’m like, “Oh dear that is so romantic.”

  13. so much things going on in my head now and well, IDK what to say orz

  14. heechul should write more fics … this one is so good and the ending is so sad

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