131008 Kyuhyun to quit host of ‘Mamma Mia’? KBS “It is up to him”

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Compilation: KBS ‘Mamma Mia!’ with Kyuhyun

On October 7, SuperJunior’s Kyu-hyun is said to leave KBS2’s variety show ‘Mamma Mia’. The production crew carefully said, “There is no plan confirmed yet We cannot confirm the report, therefore.”

A source from KBS said to TV Report on the phone added, “We did not have any discussion with Kyu-hyun. It depends on his decision.”

The first host Min-ho quit the job due to SHINee’s Japan tour concert and Kyu-hyun replaced him from the May 19 episode. He is appealing to viewers with humorous ad-libs and staright0fowrad comments.

‘Mamma Mia’ will be aired at 11:10 pm on Wednesdays, not at 4:55 pm on Sundays, due to the program reorganization of the fall season. During the changed time, competitors’ popular shows such as MBC ‘Radio Star’ and SBS ‘Pair’ are aired. ‘Mamma Mia’ will inevitably compete with these programs.

Then Kyu-hyun will appear on ‘Radio Star’ and ‘Mamma Mia’ at the same time. Therefore, he will need to make a decision as soon as possible.

The production crew of ‘Mamma Mia’ said, “Please look forward to our new family show ‘Mamma Mia’ with a new format.”

Source: TV Report
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  1. MAMA MIA is not going the same if kyuhyun is going to leave the show.hopefully KBS will find a way or other schedule that’s not the same in radio star so that kyuhyun can stay.

    • it’s a good program axtually.. n i hope i can see all suju mwmber appear with their mother in suju special someday… but i wont watch it again if there’s no kyuhyun in this show… i hope kbs will find another schedule for mammamia ㅠ____ㅠ

      • Same with me…. I watched mamamia because there was Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun leaves mamamia, I never watch that show again.

        • Me too ;A;

          • Yeah same with me too,actually I started watched Mamma Mia because of Kyuhyun.If there is no Kyuhyun anymore as the MC then i probabaly would not watch it again.Seem like it already been confirmed that Kyuhyun will leave Mamma Mia.But I will still support Kyuhyun decision,its not like he the one that wants to leaves but KBS force him to do…well if i was Kyuhyun I WOULD HAVE PICK RADIO STAR TOO…SUCK YOU KBS

  2. finally , mamma mia sucks so bad , i cringe everytime i watch it, ugh if nof for kyu , i ould never watch it tbh

    • seriously? well, it is kinda boring with the new format and all but Kyuhyun is seriously just soo adorable in mamma mia. It’s like seeing a new side of him..

  3. it is an interesting show for me and i watched it from Minho’s time. Having Kyu in this program is a haven but maybe i’m already too comfortable with Kyu, i ma not watch this show anymore if he leaves. My favourite but without SJ, somehow I feel empty /sigh/ well, whatever the best for you, kyu~ fighting~!

  4. If kyu leaves mamma mia then it’s not gonna be the same.he is the reason why i watch mamma mia.i dont think he will leave radio star. I like to watch kyu in mamma mia than radio star. He is more fun in mamma mia

  5. Did he not leave already? Looked like he did yesterday
    There seemed to be a new host I know from other shows

  6. I wish they would sort out the schedule so kyu doesnt quit. Mamma Mia might not be that popular, but as I see it Kyu seems more comfortable MCing mamma mia rather than Radio Star. And Kyu’s mom also admit she hates watching radio star as its sometimes too harsh n she hates how kyu is often depicted as a bad guy..unlike mamma mia.
    But idk, I think kyu will chose radio star as he’s alrd popular in that program. Or maybe he’ll quit radio star just so heechul could go back to the program? but if he did quit mamma mia, it’ll be nice if other SJ member replace him so I hv a reason to continue watching it

  7. I really wished that he would not leave, but i also dont want him to leave Radio Star. in Radio Star it shows his evil side, but on Mamma Mia it shows more of a cuter side of him, so it balances out. However, i know if he HAD to chose he may chose Radio Star, since it was his first MC position, and him and Heechul talked it over before, where Heechul will not joing because he wants Kyuhyun to be famous at his position on Radio Star and he does not want to take it away. But Kyuhyun’s mom like him on Mamma Mia, then again i feel his mom would like him to do what he thinks is best for him. Anyways, i hope that Mamma Mia would work something out for a better scheduling time though. I really wish he would stay on both. Also, without Kyu it will not be the same, the ratings may drop more too.

  8. well, no Kyu no Mamma Mia for me…one more variety show to be dropped…:(

  9. the reason why i watch mamamia is kyuhyun. if not kyuhyun, i dont think to watch mamamia…

  10. The same reason I watching Barefoot Friends and that because of Eunhyuk…when Eunhyuk no longer in that show, I stopped watching that show..

  11. andwe… actually the reason I watch the show it was him,,

  12. KBS is the loser here -_-

  13. KBS is terrible,i would never watch mamma mia again because the reason i watches it in first place is because of kyuhyun.The same with barefoot friends….no kyuhyun no mamma mia & no eunhyuk no barefoot friends again.

    Than watching the show without SJ ITS BETTER If i studied….

  14. The show become more n more boring yet kyu yun stands up~~ but if there is no more kyu yun, I bet that the show will be soon replace by other show cos the whole is jus so boring after changing the new format. At least I will not wait for the show to be air from now onwards.

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