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The music of the boy band SuperJunior is called ‘SJ Funky (Super Junior Funky)’, which means SuperJunior’s own music style. Most of their songs were written by the chief producer Yu Yeong-jin of their agency ‘SM Entertainment’.  

There are three requirements to be ‘SJ Funky’.  Trendy electronic sounds and funky sounds are used and developed in various ways.  Similar lyrics and melodies are repeated not in a boring way.  A sophisticated performance is added. 

SuperJunior has consistently released music of the genre of SJ Funky from 2009 to 2012. The cases in point are ‘Sorry Sorry’ from the third official album, ‘Bonamana’ from the fourth, and ‘Mr. Simple’ from the fifth. These three songs brought them huge popularity from the nation and around the world. Let’s turn back the clock to 2009 and take a look at SuperJunior’s SJ Funky.

 Third official album ‘Sorry Sorry’: The song was released on March 9, 2009. SuperJunior has emphasized charisma through ‘SMP’ music (music developed by SM Entertainment and characterized by fierce sounds and splendid performance) such as ‘Twins’ and  ‘Don’t Don’t. However, they tried change in ‘Sorry Sorry’. It was the first attempt of ‘SJ Funky’.

Music: The song features a combination of electronic club sounds with a funky rhythm. The point is a well-controlled sophistication. It is focused more on controlling emotions than letting them out. The same note of the chorus part, “Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry, Naega, Naega, Naega Munjeo” gave a unique feel to the song.

Lyrics: The song sings about the confession of a man in fatal love. The easily-pronounced words such as ‘Sorry Sorry’, ‘Shawty Shawty’, ‘Naega Naega Naega’, and ‘Ppajyeo Ppajyeo’ are repeated, making listeners addicted to the melody.   How many times the words are repeated varies. A detailed change helped it avoid boredom. Choreography: The song consists of a simple and easy choreography. They rub their palms as a gesture for being sorry or kicked their feet. They expressed confidence of a man by moving their upper body with their arms crossed.

▶ Fourth official album ‘BONAMANA’: The song was released on May 13, 2010. Helped by the mega-hit of ‘Sorry Sorry’ in and out of the nation, they tried another ‘SJ Funky’ music.  BONAMANA is considered as a song that imprinted the solid identity of SuperJunior in the mind of the public.

Music: The song features more upbeat sounds than ‘Sorry Sorry’. African rhythms created by percussion instruments were used. A fierce house beat and electronic synth riffs were added.

Lyrics: The song sings about the mind of a man who courts a woman’s love. Words with similar sounds were cleverly repeated. For example, ‘Miyina’ paired with ‘Winner’. Other word pairs such as ‘Bolka Malka’, ‘Bonche Manche’, ‘Bogo Bwado’, and ‘Bona Mana’ added fun to the song.

Choreography: The choreography was simple but powerful. The point dance ‘Skating Dance’ was popular. The dance is for the chorus ‘Bolka Malka’. They put one arm behind their back and swung the other one wide. It ie like short track speed skating.

▶ Fifth official album ‘Mr. Simple’: The song was released on August 3, 2011. It was the third attempt following ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Bonamana’. The song is considered as the essence of ‘SJ genre’. The song had the quality of the SJ genre while giving a fresh feel.

Music: The song has all requirements to be SJ Funky such as fantastic electronic sounds, funky base rhythms, and upbeat dance beats. However, the composition of the song became even more dramatic. An exciting sound was added to include a group dance where they stomp their feet during the interlude.

Lyrics: The song gives hope to the people exhausted in this stressful modern word instead of singing about love. Still, it impressed listeners by repeating the chorus, “Bwara Mr. Simple Simple/ Gudaeneun Gudaero Meotjeyo’, ‘Bwara Ms. Simple Simple/ Gudaeneun Gudaero Yeppo’.

Choreography: The choreography expressed an easy-going man. The highlight was the ‘Katak Dance’ where they shake their wrists and then clap. In addition, they shook their body with one hand placed under their chin or jumped in groups.

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  1. Finally, something that understand my mind

    I know nothing bout music, I think this article describe better bout how I feel bout “SJ Funky”
    Eventho’ many ppl said that SJ music is bad and just repetitive of Sorry Sorry era, I think there’s a lot of ppl bcome SJ fan or want to know SJ bcoz of Sorry Sorry, Bonamana or Mr. SImple.
    In one and other way the repetitive chorus and the music hooked us without we even realized it, then oneday we find ourselves keep repeating the chorus or keep humming the song hehehe…

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