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Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation


Yesung’s wearing black tshirt, blue demin jacket and his black cap with a face and red harts ㅋㅋ handsome as always♥

When it was my turn, Yedad suddenly arrived so Yesung and Leo said ‘hi!’ to him (in korean), but then Leo told Yedad “oh you’re wearing demin too! as yoir son! ㅋㅋ” and Yedad was “oh, you’re right” and then Yesung said smth like “that’s my dad!” or “good job dad!” (not sure abt his exactly words)and then they hi5-ed!!! That’s so cuteee♥♥♥ I was just there so i smiled and then… Yedad kissed Yesung on the cheeck!!!! cuteness overload!!!! i was like ‘awwww ♥’

After Yedad’s kiss (agdjdhjsjjf♥) Yesung turned to me so I said ‘안녕하세요’ and he only nodded and then I told him ‘6 magic cup’ and showed him my hands so bhdhdhdjdjxhe wouldn’t get confused. Then he nodded and repeated ‘6 cups’ and showed me his hands too. lol >///< So Ys told Leo and he started packing. I gave him the money and then I “try” to tell him about the photo of his last tweet and told him “you saw the Peruvian photo..” and he said “yup i saw it, i saw it~” so i told him “thank you so much~” and then he nodded and smiled. ^o^ Leo gave me my cups (that actually were for my friends) so he gave me the receipt and said ‘thank you~’ ^^ But then I told him ‘i want to order again~’ ‘one more cup and cape mo— nono blue lemonade!’ (in English) so then he said ‘oh, one more cup?’ in cute English! gsgxh i told him ‘yes!’ so Leo gave me the last cup and he gave me my mobit card saying ‘thank you~’ with his cute tone ♥ so i was about to move when I realized I didn’t have beeper, so i told him ‘beeper~’ and he looked at me like ‘uh?’ and i repeated ‘beeper~’ and pointed to the beeper that was next to his hand, so he was like ‘uh? a beeper? eh…’ and i was like ‘no… beeper~ you didn’t gave me a beeper…” and he was like “yes…” so… we were confused but then Leo told me “no no… you have to pay!” in English LMAOOOO so just then i realized i sl had my credit card on my hand LOL so i got all red and started laughing while saying ‘ohh sorry ><‘ and then yesung laughed a bit and started typing and i kept saying ‘omg i’m so sorry’ XD and Leo told me ‘nah, it’s ok! ^^’ hahahaha I was so embarrased omggg anyway he gave mi card back and told me ‘thank you~’ for the first time LOL Gosh. >///<

Source: Geral@turtlecloud

I had saw Yesung and Leo enter MB from outside and my friends and I rushed there expecting a huge line from the amount of people who were already there.. but I guess many people still didn’t know that Yesung had arrived so my friends and I got to order pretty quickly. Yesung seemed to be in a good mood and taking orders as normal. Yesung greeted me with his lovely “Hi” (everything he does is lovely to me.. lol sorry…) and then I ordered the Magic Mug. He was pushing the buttons for the order and then I remembered that I wanted 3 and not just one so I said “3개 주세요.” (3 please) and Yesung was like “Oh! 3개? YUP!” with a smile… kyyaaaa~^^

then I handed him my card and he swiped it but it wouldn’t work.. T___T (*sigh* I had this problem happen before with my card.. the stupid magnetic strip gets messed up somehow) So when I saw it wasn’t going through I was like.. “oh it’s ok. Here’s cash..” But Yeye was very persistent!! LOL and wanted to get it to work*^^* So he shouted to his family members (all yefamily were present and working today) that he needed help with swiping the card. Yemum came to help and got a plastic glove and tried swiping my card through with that, but it still would not work and I kept trying to give them my cash saying it was ok.. but they kept on trying.. and it was embarrassing hahaha… good thing yeye was still in a good mood.. haha.. he finally was like.. it won’t work.. and i’m like yeah I’m sorry! and handed him my cash. lol then he gave me my stuff and said thank you and bye and then i ran away embarrassed and that’s it. hahaha. ^^

Source: Kim@sjissj

i got into mobbit and the line wasn’t too long so i was like i’ll just order straight away then. And i was talking to a friend i chinese so the girl infront of me was likw oh you guys speak chinese and i was like yeah? and she went oh is the guy at the front yesung’s brother? and i was like…it’s yesung o_O and she’s likw THAT’S HIM and i was like yeah and she asked me another 5times and i was like yeah. And then she was like can i take a photo and i was like no you can’t and she was like just sneakily take a photo and i’m like no you can’t she asked me one more time and i was like no, so i started to put some things into my bag and then i saw my friend tap her because she was trying to take a photo…And then she asked my friend again if it was Ysesung…Anyways then i just went to order and it was a pretty normal order haha nothing special.

Source: Kyutie-Kyu@kyutiekyuu

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  1. hahaha really embarrased @turtlecloud xD

  2. all i’d to say i’m very jealous of u guys u can meet yesung although he’s on Military service and we can’t
    oh my bad luck

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