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Link to vote at: http://www.ryanseacrest.com/2013/09/11/round-3-whos-your-favorite-k-pop-artist/

Vote for SUP3RJUNIOR & WORLD WIDE ELFS & have a chance to WIN Super Junior’s Experience Korea

Hi ELF!! We’re one fandom right? We vote as one fandom right? Then let’s unite and vote as one at the 2013 M-wave K-Pop Fan Club Awards!

Link to vote at: http://mwave.interest.me/site/list.m?&page=1

Vote for Sup3rJunior AND WorldwideELFs!

Fan Club Awards

Current Positions
WorlWideELFs No.2, & Sup3rjunior No.3

[SITUATION] @Sup3rJunior, @WorldwideELFs, @heechulfacts, @NKSubs and @SJEmpire have all teamed up to vote as ONE FANDOM: ELF. Sound alright so far? The problem is we do not have our team of “ELF” registered and if we do register “ELF” right now, we have to wait until Monday for it to appear on the voting page. So in short, with how fanbases are arranged on the voting page, out of our team, we all mutually agreed to vote for TWO – Sup3rJunior and WorldwideELFs. THEN we will try to email Mnet to change the name “Sup3rJunior” to “Super Junior” & “WorldwideELFs” into “ELF”.  As for the URL, for now, it will be left linking to Sup3rJunior &  WorldwideELFs. We are still deciding about what to do with the URLs. We will update everyone when the final decision has been made.

In conclusion, we do not want to split votes between SJ fanbases. We don’t want to be a split family. We are all ONE FAMILY, right ^^?

We want to vote as one fandom not as different fanbases, and we hope you agree with us :D

[VOTING PERIOD] 2013.09.12 – 2013.09.30 (KST)

(We are only focusing on Round 1 right now! Round 2 is a different story!)

[PRIZES] All prizes earned from our placement in the round(s) will be split between all fanbases of our team and then given to followers of each fanbase ^^ We will use the prizes for SJ and ELF – you can count on that:D



1.Visit http://global.mnet.com/site/list.m?&page=1

130923 Tutorial

2. Sign in using either your Mnet ID, Mnet Korea ID, Mnet Japan ID, FaceBook or Twitter account.

130923 Tutorial

3. You will be redirected to the page you were on before. Scroll down and find our website name. Sup3rjunior / WorldWideELFs. Click the pink button that says “Attendance.” 

130923 Tutorial

4. A pop up should appear on your screen. Go ahead and click “OK”



To ENTER FOR THE COMPETITION You MUST Vote for SUP3RJUNIOR.COM & WORLDWIDEELFS, everyday ~! Then in the end you must provide a PRINT SCREEN (capture) that you have voted! However, even if you don’t vote the most you still have a chance to WIN.

Again we will be giving away Super Junior’s Experience Korea

You can send your CAPTURE up until October 5th to sup3rjunior@hotmail.co.uk. PLEASE DO NOT SEND A CAPTURE for every vote, just send create a capture on the last day you vote.. so all your votes will show ;D
You can USE as many ID’s you want!  10 IDs per IP address. 

Any questions?


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  1. just WorldwideELFs and Sup3rJunior only right? ^^

    • Yes! Let’s go go go! ;D

  2. Done ^^ !
    can you too vote for Arab ELF’s official blog (Suju Wings) in the Arab category?!
    Suju Wings , published your vote [ Here : http://im33.gulfup.com/GVbiP.png ] and also the Arab Elf Has been voted to “SUP3RJUNIOR” in the poll
    So , Can you vote for SuJu Wings { Here : http://mwave.interest.me/site/list.m?&sort=T&language=Arabic&country=Arab&artist=Super%20Junior&page= } ?
    and thanks , hope Sup3r Junior will win in the Poll , fiathing *^^*!~

  3. I voted ^^ but for god sake ELFs, try to stay loyal and don’t go vote for Exo or else what’s the point ?

    • lol I’m loyal, no way in hell would I ever vote for those guys.

      • never in my life.. D:
        Only SJ… Only ELF ♥

  4. what to do i can’t vote “Service Unavailable ” !!!

  5. sorry but i didnt understand why we can only vote for Sup3rjunior and worldwideELFs ? and why change the url ??

    plus can i vote fot the 3 top +Arab ELF blog SujuWings ??

    • and pls Sup3rjunior ur my best blog ever ..pls Announced about all SJ vote pllls
      or make a space for all the vote

      this vote is important

      how to register http://koreanwavenewse.cafe24.com/xe/b_1/47397

      you can register in one email in the 3 web (eng.china.jap)
      one vote per IP

      vote end in 30/9

      last awards for SJ in 2007!

      • i voted for sujuwings Arab ELF blog too

    • it’s not that you HAVE to vote those two only, but the point of this is because there are so many SJ’s fanbase/fansites and if elf around the world voted for different fansites then the votes would be split up and the chance for a Super Junior’s fansite to win would be more hard. Thats why big SJ’s fanbases team up and choose only 2 fansites for elf to vote on so in the end we would win with the name of ELF 🙂

  6. this acc for all SJ vote Arab/ENG @SJ_Awards

  7. this one thing i can’t undrstand in this link http://mwave.interest.me/site/list.m?&sort=R&page=1
    i see no.1 of ELF site is 百度SuperJunior吧 it’s no.3 on fans sites also it’s chinese
    so we must vote for it to be no.1
    any way i tried and vote to all SJ &ELF site’s in one acc we can vote to all

  8. hi. i’ll be happy to vote for you guys. ELF forever :DDD!! may i ask how do we vote for Sup3rjunior and WorldwideELFs? is it click on the ‘attendance’ button? i was trying to find the vote button.

  9. hwaiting to SJ and ELF!

    hoping other fanbase dont cheat again =_=

  10. Does anyone have DNS failure problem, too? Has anyone resolved it? I try to log in since the very beginning of the voting, but each time all I get is DNS failure. ><

  11. I totally agree, we are ONE!

  12. Oh, I need to go to a camp tomorrow without any internet connection, even hand phones aren’t allowed… /sigh/ well, anyway, fighting my dear ELF~! go go go~!!!

  13. crap we were so way behind!!

  14. 슈퍼주니어 !! 사랑 해요♥ !

  15. we r so way behind snsd wher is Elf comeone we need mor votes faiting Elf sj 4 ever

  16. how many vote for each day?

    • You can vote more than 10 ids if you can change your ip. Spread to your friend, the more voters means the chance to get the prizes are higher.Just vote for worldwideelfs and sup3rjunior because these two in second and third places. I don’t really mind about the prize for ELF because our aim is to get the prizes so Super Junior will get the promotion fund. This 2013 year SJ didn’t make any comeback and I doubt that they will till the end of 2013, so please vote for them and other fandom is catching us!

  17. Yay! Lets get that prize for ELF 😀

  18. FIGHTING ELFs !!! we can do this!! we can still beat ft island!

    just be positive ELFs!

  19. i think we really must have one fanbase only for elf to collect the votes from every country because its becomes complicated to have vote for two fanbase..and now we must beat ft island because they are more far away from us.. ELF FIGHTING!!! WE CAN DO IT 🙂

  20. This is for the admins. You can put it on the site xD http://www.ryanseacrest.com/2013/09/11/round-3-whos-your-favorite-k-pop-artist/ here you can vote for Super Junior. You can vote once a day ^^ EVERYONE LET’S VOTE!!!!

  21. Gosh, my laptop is in its monthly period and i accidentally clicked other fan club button! I’m so sorry!!! /runs to the corner and cries/

  22. Super Junior has moved onto the Semi-Finals for the Ryansecrest voting, i think the link should be updated to help SuJu win ^_^ Right now they are at 3rd place


  23. Come on guys, what’s going on? We can win this!! We’re ELF, there shouldn’t be any lagging in our position, we can totally, easily get #1! We need to show everyone our strength!!! Fighting!

  24. I voted every day with 4 accounts >..< it was very late and I was in a hurry, if I find my name and print screen, it still count?

  25. Thanks very niuce blog!

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