130902 Sukira (KTR) with Heechul and Ryeowook [Transcript]

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Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

RW: time passed so quickly!? HC: what!? ㅋㅋ

HC: last friday, I said I want to go on Sukira in the afternoon. but RW said he’s going to Japan. then he said “OH! YOU CAN DJ THAT DAY!”

HC: I think I like sungdong cafe better ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

HC: even when I did youngstreet, i didn’t read the script. Before today, I rushed the script writer and read it quickly. I was nervous.

RW was worried HC would be driven by a manager, because SJ wouldn’t have enough managers. HC said “see you in few years”

Heechul says he wants to dye his hair, and work. He wanted to work

Heechul brought Gunhee along, so he could change his hairstyle when he goes to SSTP

RW asked what girl group has caught his attention these days. HC mentioned 9muses Dolls and danced a bit

HC: the one you have been waiting for, I am back!

FX’s Sulli and Sistar’s Dasom sent a text to Heechul to cheer for him

Fan said WGM spot is opened now. HC said if he goes on it, he’d end up really dating the girl, then have to film “we got divorced” two weeks later

Heechul mentioned Exo while talking, and RW said “You’ll do (WGM) with EXO?!” HC said “no but ㅋㅋ if i do, the ratings will sky rocket”

Heechul said he worked to memorize exo Xiumin’s name. RW said “so you’ll do WGM with him!? He is said to look like SoHee~”

Truth or False time to rumors now.

R1: Heechul-ssi never cook his own meals? HC: yes

R3: ur first appearance was not at a music show,but a pro gaming competition. are you planning to become a pro gamer? HC: Square(in between)

RW: You wore SJ member “K”‘s outfit to go exercise? HC: You reported this right!! YES~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

HC: RW-ssi asks questions well. He should go question politicians

When SJ went overseas for schedules, dorm auntie was also on vacation. HC ate ramen and 3-minute-cook things, but got lazy and ended eating raw ramen and hard rice.

Heechul said Choco Ball meeting is gone now. They started meeting once in a while when he went to army, and after incidents they have postponed everything.

Heechul talked about LOL and how he got hacked ㅋ. RW said Lady Jane also plays LOL. HC said she does play a lot, but they are on different levels, and how Lady Jane sucks at LOL ㅋ

HC: Ryeowook-ssi is the only one that turns on TV in our dorm! I only watch ongamenet. RW-ssi watches 안녕하세요 all the time!

Heechul wants to go on SNL Korea. He’s confident he can do pervert and otaku roles well

Today, in the picture trainer posted (one w/ heechul), Heechul was wearing Ryeowook’s shirt. RW said his shirt was a fashion item. HC said RW’s shirt was faded out all in the back, and he told dorm auntie to throw it away.

fan: my boyfriend finally went to army! I’m free~
HC: Ah my heart aches. She says she’s free now. oh another message came in from her boyfriend, “I’m finally free from her~” kkk

Sukira calling Heechul’s friends! Hongki  now 🙂

RW: you two have quite an age gap! HC: 6 years RW: you two get along very well though HongKi: he works to live young

Hongki and Heechul  now fighting over who is bad at LOL. Hongki says Heechul doesn’t use both mouse/keyboard, but just the keyboard

Now phone call with Kyuhyun XD He pretended to be Sung Si Kyung

KH:When I heard that HC hyung was going on Sukira,I contacted script writer&asked if I could have phone call..not~script writer asked me 1st

RW: do you want to give your seat in RS back to Heechul-ssi? KH: why should I do that? HC: cute ㅋㅋㅋ

HC talked about the time when he drank w Kyu and talked about how he would never go on RS, bc he didnt want to fight/compete with his dongsaeng. Kyu said he was very touched that night. HC said “but in the end, he didn’t pay for the drinks”
Kyuhyun said “The bill came out too much ㅋ

RW asked KH to come play at Sukira. KH: Is it that same script writer? HC: YES!!! KH: that script writer keeps saying I’m ugly~ so I cant~

RW said “I love you~” when they ended phone call with Kyuhyun

HC: wait that’s the end (of phone calls)? No girls??? RW: yes ㅋㅋ beige-ssi is coming in 2nd half? HC: Beige-ssi that looks like RW-ssi ㅋ

Heechul wants to stay another 30 minutes, since he doesn’t have to do anything there at SSTP while waiting anyways

Heechul said since he sang live at Sukira, he’ll get a new hairstyle DURING SSTP

For today’s 때때문자쇼 winners, they will be 3 “Heechul”s and 1 “Leeteuk(best story submitter)”. Heechul said “3 Heechuls? I would want to throw up kkkk.

Heechul says he gets surprised every time he sees himself on screen ㅋㅋ still feels like a normal person

IS: I wear pajamas when I go to sleep HC: if you sleep naked, it hurts(?) RW: I sleep naked… and it doesn’t hurt..? HC: that’s why you lock the doors!! RW: yes ㅋㅋ HC: he sleeps naked! I walked in, and he was naked! … I won’t continue from here ㅋㅋ

RW said he used to eat it like that a lot (eating rice in milk) when he was little, and he thought he’d grow tall ㅋ

RW says he has a habit of deleting all KKT conversations expt for SJ group convo.

HC: I was surprised you two (RW/Beige)didnt die when you met each other! I heard dopplegangers die when they meet each other! Illac: it’s because their genders are different HC: ah genders

HC said guys would melt when Beige say “oppa~” and had her try it. His reaction was “… ”

Fan: I write numbers on my notebook when I feel down. I feel happier when I’m done. HC:are you making a death note? don’t write my name down

RW: our member Yesung-ssi really likes touching members’ philtrum! (Cant remember RW or HC): but our member like eunhyuk-ssi doesn’t have long highway (philtrum)

HC: I like skinship, so I like it when people touch me Guests: where? Heechul: um….

Heechul says he like rubbing against people like a cat XDillac said he feels weird, hc said he’ll feel better than average women

RW said he likes the gas smell from cars. HC said he’d like every scent from the woman he love.

HC: I’m going to mbc sstp now, change channels now ㅋㅋ


* Because admin is listening live while translating, there may be little inaccuracies in the live trans ^_^; please excuse us for any mistakes we may make ^_^


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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. Thanks for the transcript! Hehe, Chullie is back! And Kyu really does tune in to Sukira a lot xD

  3. Lol Kyu always talks about the scriptwriter xD

  4. Hahaaa heechul nervous.. LOL

  5. i laugh a lot
    tq 4 transcript

    RW sleeps naked
    my perverted mind just imagining cute Rw in bday suit

    • I love how he’s not embarrassed to say it, since he keeps mentioning it whenever the topics come on. He definitely offers great inside on their private life.

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