130831 Donghae Twitter Update: TVXQ & Super Junior ^^

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Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Compilation: 2013 A-NATION & Japanese Fan Meets

TVXQ & Super Junior ^^

After A-nation finished !! Time of 14 years, starting from trainee years 🙂 As expected from SM !!

It seems to be finished ??:)


I am Eunhyuk, and “It seems to be finished?” seems weird, you stupid. It’s our trendy phrase. Anyways, I think I am finished?*


Source: Super Junior 이동해 @donghae861015
Translated by: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs
Shared at by firnia




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  1. hmm, I thought eunhyuk doesn’t drink alcoholic? he broke his promise? the 1st time he drank was during his birthday in paris so???

    • i think he has broken his promise while ago. i’ve seen that he is mention that he is drank in a video ~ they were in airport and members ask why he is wear sun glass and he answer because he has drank so much last night or something like that…

      • ah, I think one of the mbc super show 5 documentary show. thanks for the info & replying 🙂

    • If I remember correctly…they both drink now. I could be wrong… so take it with a grain of salt^^

    • yep, eunhyuk’s first drink is when ss4 in paris, at his birthday, i think he continue to drink from that on… it’s not a big deal in korea
      as for donghae, he can’t drink, so he didn’t drink much everytime

  2. Lol, Hyun used Hae’s phone just to correct him. And ChangWonKyu!!! Reminds me of the time Siwon went to a Kyu line gathering.

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