130830 HERO Fanmeeting Event in Tokyo – Super Junior’s Drawing [15P]

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Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Compilation: 2013 A-NATION & Japanese Fan Meets

Credit: @donpero_nina, @ouo_KYZ, @Ray0248, @La_meR957, @waka0804
Reupload and Posted by: salimahsj 
Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you

Beware of the masterpiece from SJ xD

Donghae drew himself


Donghae drew Sungmin


Eunhyuk drew himself


Eunhyuk drew Siwon


Kangin drew Eunhyuk


Kangin drew himself


Kyuhyun drew Donghae


Kyuhyun drew himself


Sungmin drew himself


Sungmin drew Shindong


Sungmin drew Siwon


Shindong drew Ryeowook


Siwon drew Kyuhyun


Siwon drew himself


Ryeowook drew Kangin


Ryeowook drew himself and ELF ㅋㅋㅋ



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  1. Hae turned ELF into ELE this time xD

    and Sungmin’s drawing of Siwon ist just dabeak!!!

    • Hae keeps doing that. It’s not his first time spelling it incorrectly into ELE… ah… this Donghae kid… what can we do with him…

  2. LOL I think the only artist in SJ is Ryeowook hahaha

    • yes he is amazing!! and siwon is not bad either

      • Yes, Siwon is not bad either!!!^^

  3. Ryeowook has the best drawing skills but then i was surprised that SuJu members can draw quite well.. Didn’t know they’re artistic too hahaha

  4. donghae typo again err-_- how could you…….. lol kyu’s drawing for himself just made me burst into laugh. kyuabs lololol

  5. Ryeowook is sooooo talented omg.
    Sings well, DJ well, acts well(He totally amazed me in AOTPUB), and draws well.
    A pity he’s sooooo underrated. SM should really give him the extra push.
    Instead of making him do jobs like DJ-ing and being a musical actor which technically speaking only ELFs bother tuning in/watching, let Ryeowook appear in variety programmes or accept some drama offers for him. He deserves to be more popular tbh.

    • I don’t know. Maybe he WANTS to do dj-ing and musicals, not variety nor drama. Ryeowook seems very enthusiastic about radio and talks about his musicals with excitement. But when you see him on varieties, he seems a little uneasy or uncomfortable.

  6. eunhyuk draw preety well whn it comes to himself … Donghae-shi its ELF ❤

  7. Lol Donghae wrote ELE instead of ELF , pabo Donghae >/<.
    Kyu's abs T-T
    Ryewook drew like a manga artist 🙂

  8. Ryeowook amazed me this time too, but Siwon, wow! He drew pretty well those pictures! O_O I don’t understand Hyuk’s drawing of Siwon and that 8:2… what’s that? Cute how Shindong drew Wookie, while Wookie drawing. 🙂 Lee Donghae…srsly boy… 😀 Ever Lasting Elephants, or what now? XD XD XD

    • 8 to 2 part hairstyle of siwon..they talked a lot about this. and i think he bushes siwon face because siwon always appeared unshaved these days..

      • Yes, I got that, almost every one of them draws Siwon with bushy face. 🙂 I just… I didn’t get that is his hairstyle name…

        • u may want to refer to strong heart ep 33 where they talked about siwon hairstyle..it’s 8 to 2 hair part,. 😀

          • Oh, I saw that, and remembering to that discussion, but I forgot they named 8 to 2… O_O
            BTW, thx for your explanations.

  9. Nearly killed by Kyuhyun’s “か와い” 😀 He forgot how to write Japanese “wa” so put his native?
    Smart Kyu kekeke

  10. Had is so bad! Kkkkkk when he drew Sungmin, he (Hae) got evidence butt and thighs’ Min! Kkkkkkk

  11. Siwon’s drawing of KyuHyun looks more like himself than Kyuhyun.

    • my mom said the same thing xD

  12. lol Am I the only one who had to laugh bcus of Wookie’s pic with ELF XD That top is really low cut kekeke naughty Wook XD

  13. Hahahaha EunHae, Kangin, and Kyuhyun has very imaginative personalities. All of SuJu is very talented. xD

  14. Wow Ryeowook’s drawings look like manga, lol he is the only one who drew himself with an ELF. He is such a cutie with us ^^
    But Wookie-ya, you sure studied the female body ! XD it reminds me the chinese show where SJM had to draw their ideal type, back then the MC pointed out Ryeowook’s taste for big chest lol
    But am i the only one who read the word “gay” on Kanging’s drawing of Sungmin ??? o.O
    I somehow really love Shindong’s drawing of Ryeowook ^^ it looks very artistic.

    • It’s Donghae’s drawing of Sungmin, not Kangin ^^. And It’s said “I’m sungmin guy” ^^

      • Oups, sorry sorry, you’re right !
        Lol but you have to admit that it looks more like “gay” than “guy”, i thought he was making fun of Sungmin ^^

  15. Can not say anything,, Ryeowook is soo talented..

  16. Lol Kyu’s i found the funniest with his kyuAbs xD

    OMG Ryeowook…super good a drawing!!! ❤

  17. hahahaha it’s really a masterpiece!!! LOL
    They are really talented! can do anything perfectly hahahahaha XD
    but Wookie is the best one! jjang! (^__^)b ♥

  18. Sungmin drew himself and siwon, eyes looked like sharingan??? XD

    • whats sharigan?

      • it’s from manga naruto ^^

  19. lol hyuk’s drawing siwon with dollar and money money haha
    and hae err ELE? seriously i want kick your butt boy XD XD

  20. “sharingan” from naruto~ (yeah it looks alike XD )

    • tq 4 explaination
      i didnt watch naruto actually

      • you’re welcome ^^ (i like it but personnally i prefer jogoku shojo *just saying* ) xD

  21. ryeowook drew kangin… daebak!!! totally looks like kangin..:-)

  22. ELE?? seriously lee donghae!!! i give up!!

  23. they are all really hilarious, I mean the way they drew by imagining the characters is just awesome (and exactly the truth X’D). And actually most of the members drew really well, it’s just come out dorks… But Ryeowook is truly the king of artist here, I’m always amazed by him, he’s beyond awesome in everything now
    and what’s with hae and his typos again? ==” i love this pabo!

  24. Kyaaa____Daebakkkk,wkwkwwk

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