130830 Heechul Instagram Update : I’m Kim bipolar

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Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Compilation: 130830 Heenim Discharge From Army #WelcomeBackHeenim

Ah. It’s too bothersome to upload 100. I’m Kim bipolar 

I was dochwal*-ed.. But why does this (instagram) only have ‘Like’? It doesn’t have things like ‘It’s saddening’ ‘It’s cool’

*Taking picture secretly/ in this case, it was his friend( or whoever?) that took it secretly

the truth behind the picture below 

My friend Gunhee eating Jajangmyeon. I don’t have pictures to uploadㅡㅡ 

I ran out of pictures. (Saying that I will upload) 100 pictures was a lie. You can curse at me. I’m going to delete my account now ^-^

Pic caption trans: Of course it’s a lie. If you believed it, you are a gollum

Let’s learn how to golf. Who is with who? 

“Taenggu-ya, why doesn’t this have ‘It’s Saddening’ like Kakao Story?”

Gunhee that was sleeping on the streets because he lost his wallet and cell phone. It was really cold, and he was sleeping like that while wearing short sleeved shirt kkkk

Dan Cing Ma Chine (Feat. GunHee) 

My dongsaeng Henry’s single Trap has been released. I wanted to promote it but I was in a situation I was unable to do so, so I am doing it now. Henry’s nickname is apparently ‘Mochi’. I heard that it’s ‘Mochi’ because you become ‘Happy’ when you look at him. Give lots of love to my Henry

 i am thankful to you guys who have protected me for 2 years. Everyone, let’s live happily and enjoy working^-^ You didn’t come to the front of my house, I was very touched. Even if you want to see me, restrain yourself from coming to the front of my house. Oppa isn’t going to yours too^-^ hohoho~ i love you, my babies

I can hold back if you curse at my friend GunHee, but I cannot restrain myself if you curse me!! 

(Heechul in the insta vid: thank you for being there for 2 years. I love you. … … … Oppa, drive! Pew pew pew !! (like gun shot sound))

 Madam Hee got her hair done. I said I’ll upload 100 pictures but I uploaded a video too.. 1 video will have = 50 pictures effect

Kim HeeJin-ssi’s store ‘Heestory’. I was sticking out my tongue (:P) but it doesn’t show at all 

I love you Kim Heechul! Skin like milk, Kim Heechul! 

Cat that can’t talk 

(Heechul Insta Vid: Heebum, try talking. Hello? Try talking. Come on hurry. Talk!!)

Source: kimheenim on Instagram
Translated by: 
Nksubs ‏@NKSubs
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  1. Heenim is sooo back as Heenim!!! So glad he hasn’t changed!!!

  2. For a second I was worried he wouldn’t be the same after army.

    The good news is that HE’S EVEN BETTER NOW! *-*

  3. LOL My favorite is the picture with him and Kangin in their dorm “golfing” xD

  4. lol he look very happy.
    That’s what we want to see.
    Losing yesung is realy a pain in the ass but glad i get back heenim. so, i’ll save my 2 years waiting and fill it with heenim smiling face.

    Heenim is back!

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