130828 ELF Japan Magazine – Yesung Page [Translastion]

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Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Not only such effective one greeting, but also Yesung’s humble attitude to staff was impressive. He showed up with black skinny pants n shirts,a soft scarf on his waist,was telling his hight fashion sense. His relived face with coffee looked a generous adult man.sunshine from a big window makes his face more calm

Moved to a hotel for next shooting,lunch time scene. At that scene, He ordered a famous lunch plate at that restaurant. It seemed to be a peaceful moment on busy shooting day. The last was bar scene.He acted that he had ordered cook-tail in the bar where had a silent mood with BGM.

He showed many faces to us.Sometimes, he attracted us with an adult man’s charm on the other hand He showed an innocent smile like a child.And he never forget the considerations to other people.

We realised the reason why he kept being loved by not only ELF JAPAN but also ELF all over the world. Of course he has a charm as SJ’s Yesung, but also we could see his essential humanity which can be respected, 2 years r not so long as we think.We’d like to look forward to a day can see grown-up him n his warm smile.

Source: ELF Japan Magazine 
Translated by: mizza@wwmisa
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by firnia


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  1. thanks for the translation

  2. love his expression, he has a thousand expressions, yeye jjang!

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