After ‘Jack The Ripper’ Musical – Sungmin [Fan Account! + 3P] – From 130817

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Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

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The fans asked Sungmin in Korean whether his hand was fine, so he waved his hand and said he’s okay! When all the fans ran over, someone asked in Korean, “Oppa you’ve forgotten all your Chinese right!” Sungmin kept silent for three whole seconds and replied (in Chinese): “聼不懂!*”

*聼不懂” is Sungmin’s favourite Chinese phrase lol, it means “I don’t understand”, he uses it every time someone speaks Chinese and he doesn’t understand anything XD

Source: LIV单恋晟敏


Don’t know where Sungmin parked his car so all the fans couldn’t find it anywhere. When Sungmin came out the fans said, “There definitely won’t be any fans any more at the carpark!” Then Sungmin actually gave a YEAH! hand gesture to show that he succeeded lol!

Translated by: 미니 ‏@Minniestarrr
Shared at by myblacksmile101

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