130810 Super Show 5 Taiwan D-1- Super Junior [Fan Accounts]

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Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Compilation: 130810/11/12 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Taiwan

130810 Super Show 5 Taiwan D-1- Super Junior [Fan Account] Credit Miko_ELF

Kyudad took away the fan’s fan, and kept using it to fan himself during the concert! Kyudad even boasted and said, “I went backstage and took photos with Kyuhyun just now!”. When taking photos with fan he said: “My man Sungmin!” and purposely flipped the fan to Sungmin’s side~~!!!

Source: Miko_ELF
Translated by: 미니 ‏@minniestarrr

Kyuhyun: Do you miss Yesung?
Fan: Yes.
Kyuhyun: Do you know Yesung?
Fan: Yes.
Kyuhyun: Who is he?
(Then Kyu bent his fingers and said Yesung is always like this)

Source: M3H-OPTY
Translated by: siohappy ‏@siohappy

Because Eunhyuk say only ‘Are you happy?’ for the greeting.
Kyu: You can just speak Korean. Many of them can understand it!
Hyuk: Why?
Kyu: Because my dad is teaching Korean in Taiwan!
Hyuk: So no need for a translator? Are you happy today?
Fan: ne~ (Yes)
Hyuk: Are your armpit wet?
Fan: ne~ (because many of them didn’t understand it)
(Members were laughing so hard and then pointed at fans and said “Your armpits are all wet!)
Kyu: My dad doesn’t have ‘armpit’ in his teaching!
(Siwon also tried to get Kyu to show his so the fans know what is ‘armpit’ but failed.)

Source: 溺愛圭賢-孟
Translated by: siohappy ‏@siohappy

130810 Super Show 5 Taiwan D-1- Super Junior [Fan Account] Credit 溺愛圭賢-孟


During Marry U, fans formed the words “오빠 생각해볼게요ㅋㅋㅋ” (Oppa we’ll think about it kekeke).

Kyuhyun: We’re so disappointed!

Eunhyuk: Must you guys really do this?

Sungmin: You guys are so cute!

Eunhyuk: We will reconsider too! Keep the boards quickly!

After a few songs later, Eunhyuk said, “We’ve sang for so long, have you guys finished thinking about it?” And the fans formed the same words again and SJ nearly died LOL. Donghae said the fans are too much, and Hyuk said the most infuriating part is that the fans keep showing them the “kekeke” at the back, and asked them to put the “kekeke” words down HAHAHA.

Picture Source: 溺愛圭賢-孟
Source: 宝蓝口味冰
Translated by: 미니 ‏@minniestarrr

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  1. Proud dad…thanks for the account.

  2. lol kyudad is so funny with both fans!! ❤

  3. SJ never imagined the answer for their proposal it would be: “we’ll think about it… kekeke” hahaha TW-ELFs daebak!!! XD

  4. I love this Marry U Project!!! TW-ELF trolling SJ! Hahaha!
    The idea is fantastic! This person or these people who came up with this idea is/are amazing! :-D! The best Project so far!! TW-ELF, thumb up, very good job!! 😀
    I’m looking forward to how the members will react to the the 2nd banner tomorrow! Hihi ^_^

    • Oh, I mean the 2nd for today! ^^

  5. TW-Elfs daebaaaaaak!!!!

  6. hahaha Kyu’s dad really is funny and evil like Kyu xP We know where Kyu gets his evilness!!!
    Hahahaha the most infuriating his is the kekeke in the end xD
    I love Taiwan fans xP

  7. Daebak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SJ & ELF loves to troll each other!

    So cute they got annoy at the kekeke…

  8. That is the single most brilliant fan project EVER.
    YOU BRILLIANT TAIWAN-ELFS, YOU. /throws confetti

  9. I was lucky enough to flew out there from LA to be there all 3 nights and as always, TW elfs fan projects never fall short of fun & surprises. SuJu members had so much anticipation on the 2nd & 3rd nights, they pretty much forgot to sing/rap their parts during Marry U, and EH fell to the floor when he saw the 2nd night answer was “hehehe will tell you tomorrow”. They got so into it each night and argued with us about the response (very initimate). We got to vote on which fan projects for all 3 nights. Even changed the 3rd night wording the night before, adding the 3rd floor “dummy kekeke”. Even Kyu’s what are you watching? “dummy (bendan)” was added the night before which we also voted, hey, it’s about time Kyu gets his fair share ^^ there were also projects for So I and other segments.. All in all, i totally encourage those who want to see SS attend the TW SS; like DH said, every super show the fan projects have been different night to night and heart warming. What i love about the projects is the team execution and cooperation/contribution of the ELFs.

    PS. the song chants are awesome as well~

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