130805 Siwon in Hong Kong [Fan Account]

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After landing, a fan said to Siwon: There are few hundreds of fans will greet you outside, do you feel happy?
SW: I’m so worried…
Fan: um?
And then Siwon pointed to his feet, because he is wearing slippers. After that the fan wished his feet would be safe after walking through the arrival hall.
(This fan wrote in her Weibo that his slippers were damaged, but not sure due to what. XD)
Siwon walked through the temperature checking inside the gate, he took off his hat.
A fan said: Oppa, your new hair style was so handsome!
SW: Thank you (in Chinese)
Another fan said: Forehead fringe, excellent!!
SW replied: Thank you (with smile)
Siwon then asked two fans: “You know each other?” (meaning they are friends)

A fan asked Siwon until when he will shoot the movie in Hong Kong. Siwon said that he will stay in Hong Kong for around two months.
Suddenly Siwon asked, “Is there xxxxx Emperor?”
The fan misheard it and asked “You shoot the scene as Emperor?”
But, she realized it wasn’t it. So, she said “Something you can eat? Hong Kong has a pot.”
Siwon said “Ding wang?” (the same hotpot in Taiwan).
Then, the fan said “No.”
The fan said his expression was kind of disappointed.
Another fan also told him to go to Shenzhen, there is another Siwon’s favorite hot pot restaurant.

Source: 小維貓貓
Translated by: SiwonChoi Intl Fanbs ‏@SiwonLover
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by dreamhae

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  1. So Siwon is in HK for a movie… cool. Anyone know more information about the movie?

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