130725 New Single For X-Tep Summer Sports ‘X-MAN’ by Han Geng [Translation]

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130725 X-Tep Endorsement – Han Geng [5P]

Lyrics: Wu Yi Wei
Chen Guan Fu
English Translations: Leay_lin

Track: X-MAN
Artist: Han Geng (韩庚)

Hurry, let’s compete with myself
Life, without faith will be eliminated

Worship, to be like you, not afraid of failure
Change, regret becomes my passion

*Everyday, under the sun, enjoy the sweat
Every minute, you and I, prepare and enjoy the moment
Every step, to go straight or turn, I have the say
In one breath, overcoming the top, releasing my heart

Dash over the boundary yeah yeah yeah
You can be X-Men
Transform instantly yeah yeah yeah
Expand without limit
Amazing moment yeah yeah yeah
I’m the X-Man
You leave your mark, and I will surpass

To love sport yeah yeah yeah
We are the X-Men
To challenge the limit yeah yeah yeah
Kick up the adrenaline
To dance to the moment
Be amazing to amaze

Our future, in our hands
Unlike any feeling

Hurry, to cheer for yourself
To become one of a kind, a heart-moving existence

Worship, to live like you, simply
Boredom, to be broken, without question


Our future, in our hands

Source: Leay_lin Via Hannie209
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid

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  1. so nice thanx

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